Things to Know About Menstrual Cups Dangers

Things to Know About Menstrual Cups Dangers

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Are you someone that is considering buying a menstrual cup and is currently weighing its pros and cons? By now you might have already known the benefits and all the good sides of the menstrual cup. However, you may also have wondered about the possible dangers or if it poses a threat to your health, right?

This is especially true if you have a vivid imagination or is prone to compulsive searches on the internet for any negative product reviews. You may have come through one or more period cup stories that made you think twice about purchasing one.

But, to set the record straight, and hopefully, put your mind at rest, here are the things you need to know about the so-called dangers of menstrual cup.

Can You Get an Infection from Menstrual Cup?

Rarely—getting an infection from the menstrual cup itself is extremely rare, like that .01 percent of germs that cannot be beaten by any antimicrobial agent like soaps and soaps. If anything, you are the one who is likely introducing bacteria from your hands or lack of hygiene measures.

This is why it is essential that you wash your hands thoroughly every time you remove and insert your menstrual cup. Not to mention that you also need to sterilize the cup before using it to make sure that it is clean enough.

Now, if you are wondering as to how will you do the cleaning procedures and sterilizing when you are out in the public areas, then you only need to clean the menstrual cup with water and unscented soap.

Additionally, you can also use a menstrual cup cleaner, cup wipes, or other menstrual cleaning products for your menstrual cup.

Can You Get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome)?

TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome has been a buzz during the 1970s when it broke out to the community due to the superabsorbent tampons, in which it was immediately cut out from the market to avoid further victimization of the toxic shock syndrome.

However, Toxic Shock Syndrome is a rare bacterial infection that is associated with but is not exclusive to tampon use. Particularly speaking, the tampons left inside the vagina for an extended period.

On the other hand, there are only two cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome recorded that is in connection with the use of the menstrual cup, which is primarily due to the excessive long hour duration of use which made the bacterial development due to prolonged use.

Thus, it is recommended that you limit the length of time you use the menstrual cup, keep it inside you for just about 12 hours a day, even if your flow is very light. Also, it would be better if you empty it 2-4 times a day. These are all just precaution actions from the possible development of bacterial infection.

Is It Dangerous to Use the Cup while Sleeping?

Definitely not at all. In fact, this is one of the great things about menstrual cups—you can sleep while using it, preventing any leaks or uncomfortability during sleep.

However, many rumors are roaming around that you might even already heard about, such as the cup will get lost inside your vagina if you sleep with it on or that it is not just entirely safe.

To clarify, the menstrual cup will never get lost inside your vagina since your cervix is a small hole which nothing like a menstrual cup can pass through. On the other hand, what can happen during your sleep is that the cup might shift a little bit.

Is it Okay to Use the Cup with an IUD?

Using a menstrual cup like Daisycup with an IUD is absolutely okay to use. However, there are some things that you need to be aware of when using it while having an IUD.

Thus, it is essential to read more articles in regard with using menstrual cups and IUD at the same time, so that you will not find yourself in a situation wherein a complication happened (which is totally avoidable), but you do not know what to do.

Is it Okay to Use the Cup while Swimming?

Absolutely yes. You can go and have fun swimming while wearing a menstrual cup since the cup is entirely internal you will not need to worry about any string hanging out or that you will be exposed to harmful substances during swimming.


This article aims to provide you the needed information of menstrual cups to clear out any suspicion, doubt, or fear that you may have developed through time as rumors spread out in the community.

With this said, it is also your responsibility to know the truth and right to the information stated above. Thus, if you ever heard of any rumor, you should first see if it is the truth or just plain old gossips.

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