Three Best Home-Renovation Tips for the Minimalist

Three Best Home-Renovation Tips for the Minimalist

Home renovations can be challenging in different ways. There’s a lot to consider: the cost, the time frame, and most of all, the aesthetic that you want to achieve for your home. And for moms who prefer a sleek, neat space that doesn’t use a lot of elements, the minimalist approach should fit their preference well.

Minimalism embraces a clean, simple design that removes everything unnecessary as long as it serves its functionality. Ironically, the key to a simple design is actually a complicated process. This may be because it is sometimes thought that the more is put into a design, the better it will look.

For a minimalist renovation, the key point is less is more. Here’s how you can embrace minimalism in your future home renovations.

Optimize Your Furniture

Optimizing your furniture means reducing the size to make up for more space. Is your coffee table too big for your living room? Replace it with a sleeker one. Instead of a horizontal shoe rack, find one that is designed vertically to save space. Imagine how you can expand the size of a room when you start downsizing each furniture—but of course, without compromising its function.

When it comes to outdoor space, try to keep it in the natural setting as much as possible. Why cut down a tree to make space for a sandbox when you can use its shade to hang a swing or a hammock?

Choose a Simple Color Scheme

Colors radiate different kinds of emotions, so just imagine how it would feel to have all the colors of the rainbow in one room. For the minimalist, a simple neutral color scheme is much more preferable to a home that looks like a piñata.

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Work with hues smartly, and eliminate extraneous colors. Since you are aiming to simplify your home, choosing two up to three colors should suffice. Light colors should be pleasing to the eye, and a monochrome palette can make it easier to keep hues in harmony.

You can also layer texture pieces of the same color, like matching a set of mocha suede pillows with your mocha leather sofa. When in doubt, recheck the color wheel again. Now, who would have thought it would come in handy outside your art class in grade school?

Focus on Function

The fixtures and furniture inside a room should complement their purpose. Going for a minimalist design focuses more on what is necessary for the room to function. For example, overtreating your walls or keeping a disjointed statue in your bathroom doesn’t essentially improve the functionality of the area. More often than not, they just add more clutter to the room.

If you think a particular room inside your house feels too crowded, you might be keeping several furnitures that you don’t actually need. One thing to put in mind as you renovate is to determine which items you really need and use and which ones are just taking up space.

Do you have more dining chairs than the number of heads in your family? Better get rid of the extra. Do you really need two smaller couches to complement the main one? You can actually do away with them.

Now if you’ve had enough of having to hire a plumber every time your toilet breaks, it may be time to switch to a more efficient one. A SaniAccess 3 toilet does not only complement a minimalist home well; it also gets rid of plumbing issues because of its innovative upflush technology. It will take only four to eight hours to install, which works perfectly for moms who don’t have enough time and skill to deal with bathroom issues.

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Minimalism does not just apply to a home’s interior design—it is a way of life. If you haven’t fully embraced this concept yet, choosing the minimalist approach in your home renovations is already a great start.

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