What Are the Common Signs of Racism at the Workplace

What Are the Common Signs of Racism at the Workplace

Racism means harassment. This harassment can be verbally and non verbally as well. When you are working in an organization, you have to come across some different types of Racism. You can witness several factors that can lead to fascism. But you have to make differentiate between harassment and racism as there is a slight difference although the professional life has synchronized even though racism is still present there.

Racism means adverse treatment based on one’s own thinking or prejudices. The thinking builds upon the basis of color, creed, custom, and race.

You can observe racism in the workplace environment in the following ways:

1. Biased Enrollment:

Where an employer is doing hiring based on color or race it comes in the circle of race discrimination. It is the moral obligation of the employer not to do biased recruitment. The biased environment will lead to the poor performance of low-level employment. Your core business always depends upon the skill and excellence of this level. People that you hired based on color,  creed, and custom can do an unlawful act as they are not obliged to you. They think themselves all and all in the office.

2. Stereotypes:

Some times people react according to their negative thinking about color, creed, and race. They deliberately act on their negative thinking. This kind of racism is often called casual racism. People can have adverse effects of racism on their work and health. They can even suffer from depression. Some common examples of racism are poor jokes and disintegrating people from social activities on the basis of race.

3. Prejudice Policies:

When an organization makes its policies on the basis of their prejudices, it invites racism. For example, if an organization makes some policy that facilitates only a part of that organization, leaving all the workers behind will be a form of racism.

4. Gender Discrimination:

Although every organization claims: “We are an equal opportunity employer.” But it doesn’t seem true in many cases. We often observe that females are often facing problems while adjusting into an environment. They are not appropriately welcomed. Even false arguments are made with them. They are made laughing stock often.

This discrimination can be individually as well as systematically done. When an institution is not standing with its female employees, then workers will also not bother their opposite gender workers.

5. Discriminated Background:

When at a workplace, behaviors depend upon some background or history, it will be another form of racism. Just think about the outcomes that we will have to face in case of structural badness. It will beyond the limits and cannot be covered. People often make policies that hit some specific community. It can cause mental torture to anyone facing this discrimination. And such a person can react in any adverse way.

6. Microaggression:

The term microaggression means unintentional negative thinking and behavior. This behavior may be relevant to color, creed, custom, religious or sexual. At the workplace just because of microaggression, people have to suffer a lot. Their work will be affected as well their health has to be suffered a lot.

7. Racial Comments:

People often take support from racial comments in the workplace. They usually hit the other persons with their false or negative comments.

If you see someone in the office talking about any other person directly or indirectly, and he is also commenting on some of his personal issues, then it is a common factor of racism at the workplace. You cannot ignore such behavior to stabilize the internal environment of the organization.

You have to take precautionary steps in this regard like:

  • Proper training employees of each organizational level
  • Reducing the communication gap between high and low-level management
  • Appreciating the employees who ignore discrimination at Workplace
  • A practical example should be delivered through practices that assure that you deny racism at every level.


Racism in any form is dangerous. It should be handled and cured properly. According to a survey, racism has adverse effects on the health of the victim. Health includes both physical and mental. The victim can become harmful not for himself but for the society also. If you are facing such things at your workplace, racial discrimination can be dealt with legally.

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