6 Sensational Benefits of Sex Toys You Should Know

Sex and Intimacy

Do you want to improve your sex life? Statista reports that this year, the global market for sex toys is estimated to be worth around AUD18.5 billion. When selecting a product, the user has several options, including vibrators. Besides helping people feel good, studies show the devices might also provide other benefits like lower blood pressure, stress relief, and better relationships. However, if you’re a newbie to sex aids, you might want to learn how to use them more effectively. 

Why do people use sex aids? 

In the past, single women were often considered the most common users of these items. However, these devices are growing in popularity, and people are generally more willing to use them. 

The irony is that while the mainstream media is more willing to discuss sex in general, sex toys are still taboo. This is ironic since people are more willing to discuss other sexually related issues such as penises, vaginas, and Kama Sutra positions.

 However, formal studies and informal feedback show that adult toys might help to provide a wide range of benefits. This includes one’s for individuals and couples. Here are some big benefits that are more surprising than others.

 Less body pain

 Orgasms from activities like sex aids can help to block pain. This happens when the body releases a hormone that helps to reduce pain. Studies show that the adult toys might help to block:


Back and leg pain

Arthritis pain

Improved sleep

 Studies show that meditation, warm baths, and a cup of tea can help people to dose off at night. However, other studies show that love toys might have the same effect. This is through benefits like lower heart rate and less anxiety.

 The toys can also help to trigger an orgasm. When that happens, the body releases “feel-good hormones” known as endorphins, which help people feel less stressed. Afterwards, it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

 Lower blood pressure

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If you have hypertension, then sex devices might be an effective way to drop it to a normal range. Various studies show that sexual intercourse can lower a person’s “systolic” (contracting heart) blood pressure. That’s the first number on the blood pressure test. 

 Sex is also considered a cardio exercise since it increases your heart rate. You probably shouldn’t cancel your gym membership yet. However, such aerobic exercise can help to prevent blood pressure-related diseases and conditions.   


Manufacturers design sex aids to scientifically provide sexual pleasure. The goal is to help people experience this based on the human body’s anatomical makeup. Another feature of these items is they’re able to stimulate the body and mind simultaneously.  

Sex drive boost 

While adult toys can cause sexual sensations, they might also increase people’s libido. For example, this can include a woman’s blood flow and vagina lubrication. Such factors can improve sexual sensation and thus boost one’s sex drive.

 Addressing sexual dysfunction

 Both men and women can experience this condition. A recent study of Southern Australians found that among Aussies 40+ years old, about 40% of women and 35% of men experienced sexual dysfunction. 

While it’s not a topic some people feel comfortable discussing, adult toys can help to deal with problems like erectile dysfunction.

For example, the devices can help people to learn about their pressure points while masturbating. This can make them more relaxed during sexual activity, which can improve performance. That, in turn, can improve their sex life and overall health.

Studies show that sex toys might provide several benefits, including lower blood pressure, less pain, and better sleep. They not only can help you feel good but also live better.

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