Foods That You Enjoy After Dental Implant Treatment

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A dental implant is a delicate surgery that touches on an important part of your body. Your mouth has to masticate food, even when you have a severe problem. While you are recovering from the surgery, the best way to keep healthy and nourish your body with food is through choices that are easy to chew. Here is a list of foods you can try and enjoy, even after dental implant treatment.


The secret to eating well without disrupting the implant setting in place and healing is to avoid chewing. Foods that want extensive chewing will not be a good choice for you during this time. However, technology has made it easier to find healthy eating habits. You can still take your vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and carrots by juicing and making a smoothie. 

The food will still have good roughages, especially if you blend them with fruits like mangoes, bananas, pawpaw, and avocado. The smoothies are not only easy to take by drinking, but they will also nourish your body and have a part in the healing.

Creamy Soups

Even though you have had your dental implant treatment, it does not mean that you have to avoid delicious dishes. While you cannot crush many protein foods into smoothies, it is easy to cook them tender and make a creamy soup. Your mushroom, meat, or even beans are all good choices that you can still have. The secret to going around the chewing step is making a thick soup by boiling your food until it cooks well. 

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A creamy soup is even better than the solid part that needs chewing because it carries all the essential nutrients that you would want from your food. A creamy soup will work well, even for done-in-one implants where you have your extraction, placement, and filling all at one go.

Mashed Recipes

Your carbohydrates are the most likely part of the food that will have some problems. However, there is still no reason for worry because there are ways to circumvent the chewing step, even for them. You can make your potatoes, cassavas, and even plantain into a consistent mash that is soft and well blended. 

While the meal from a mashed recipe is not liquid or flowing consistently, it is easy to mix in the mouth and quickly becomes liquid once it mixes with saliva and the amylase enzymes that act on starch and sugar in the mouth. You will also enjoy the good taste from the digested sugars in the mouth without hurting your setting dental implant.

Liquids and Drinks

You will still have your drinks like milk, water, and juice without having to worry about the implant treatment. As long as the drinks are not alcoholic, it is still safe to enjoy the delicacies you love and have a good recovery all along. Milk is good for your body in nourishment and recovery. 

You can also enjoy new drink recipes like coconut milk, which is all-around nourishment that carries many nutrients your body needs for healing. The recovery time is also a perfect moment to keep hydrated by giving your body enough water and keeping yourself well regulated. These healthy drinks will hasten recovery and build up your body all along.

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Soft Fruits

There is no reason not to enjoy soft fruits like avocado and plums. Often, the dental implant treatment is in the premolars and molar teeth. You can still enjoy fruits like strawberries and plums by biting with your incisors and the front part of your mouth. These parts would not hurt your setting implant treatment, and you will have a good experience, even as you enjoy the different healthy fruits you love. 

As the healing portion continues to set, you can also continue to train your mouth for normal chewing by enjoying these soft fruits. As the numbing treatment continues to wear out, your mouth would have it easier to enjoy the portions and deal with the pain.

Dental implant treatment is daunting because of the critical part of the body it affects. Your mouth has to do its duty in nourishing the body and letting you enjoy the feeding time. There are easy ways to enjoy the process and still avoid injury to the healing in your mouth. The key here is finding foods that are healthy, simple, and nourishing. It is also a good time to take that step and ditch sugar additives in your food for their role in escalating teeth and mouth problems.

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