Five Costumed Characters Who Are Perfect For Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Five Costumed Characters Who Are Perfect For Your Kid's Birthday Party

If you are struggling to make your child’s birthday party especially memorable this year, why not consider having a costumed character show up? Not only will a costumed character entertain the kids, but they can also take some of the burdens off your shoulders by providing activities and fun for the kids while you prepare the cake, get ready for games, do a little cleanup, or just catch your breath. Here are five different costumes characters that are perfect for a birthday party.


Clowns are a birthday party classic and there’s the good reason for that. In the 1960s, Bozo the clown and his wildly popular television show firmly implanted the association of clowns and fun in the minds of children. Children are drawn to the bright colors, bold styles, and crazy antics of a clown.

Clowns make an especially great costumed character for birthday party fun if they lead the kids in some games, make balloon animals, or perform a little magic. You can make the event even more special by setting up a face painting station so the kids can play at being clowns themselves.


Nothing will delight the heart of your princess-loving little girl more than having a “real” princess show up at her birthday party. This is a great costumed character for taking pictures with, and you can also invite along a prince if you like!

Make this even more enjoyable for your party guests by building the entire theme around castles and princesses. This includes the princess-themed cake, princess decorations, and party favors that lets each partygoer act on their own royal imagination.

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Witches or wizards

Witches and wizards are a lot of fun for kids, especially in the post-Harry Potter era. Depending on what look to go with, this costumed character can be entirely jolly or a little bit edgy. It’s up to you and what you know your child and guests would most like.

This is a great time to get creative with magic tricks. If you hire a costume character who can perform some magic tricks, all the better. Buy a few magic trick sets and set up tables so that all the kids can practice being a witch or wizard for themselves.


Kids love the vibes that pirates give off: a roguish combination of honor and rebelliousness. Of course, the cool pirate costumes are pretty neat too. This is another opportunity for fun and games and some great photographs.

Match the theme to this character by playing pirate and sea-themed party games, getting a swashbuckling cake, and decorating the entire birthday area to look like a pirate ship. Favors and decorations with a nautical theme will round out the fun and make this party one your child will always remember fondly.

Sesame Street characters

If you have younger children, there’s nothing like a Sesame Street character to make them feel happy and at ease on their birthday. These cuddly and educational characters make kids feel safe, and the primary colors and fuzzy costume are fun for everyone. If you’re worried that an unknown costumed character might be too frightening for your child, you can’t go wrong with someone they already know and love like Elmo.

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To round out this event, make sure that decorations are in bold, primary colors. Order a cake to match the character you have come round, and consider designing some simple Sesame Street-style games the kids already enjoy playing.

For your next birthday party, why not bring in a fun costumed character? Your birthday boy or girl is sure to love it, and your party will be an event that no one will forget.

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