Flip it Fast: 7 Tips for Making a Quick House Sale

Flip it Fast 7 Tips for Making a Quick House Sale

Are you looking to sell your home quickly? Even though experts are predicting that 2019 will remain a seller’s market in real estate due to high inventory amounts, that doesn’t mean you can just list your home, sit back, and watch the offers come flooding in.

You still want to ensure you’re doing everything you can to present and promote your home in the best positive light. Here are seven tips to keep in mind that can result in a quick house sale.

1. Clean and Declutter

An important first step towards preparing a home for showings is to thoroughly spring clean it and remove as much clutter as possible. This has two benefits: it makes your house look good for buyers, and it helps you get rid of junk and unwanted items so you won’t be packing and moving them to the new home.

Anything visible in a room that is just taking up space should be removed. Any toys and other kids’ items should also be removed from a living area and placed in storage.

You can recycle, give away, sell, or simply throw away (if they’re allowed to be picked up by your town’s waste management) items that you no longer need or use. If it’s something you can’t part with, at least store it somewhere out of view.

In some cases, it may benefit your home to have a deep cleaning done. This will remove any cobwebs, grime, and anything else your naked eye may not always catch.

2. Consider Professional Staging

Even with cleaning and decluttering, the way your furniture is configured may not be taking full advantage of your home’s layout. You may want to consider having the home professionally staged. A National Association of Realtors study found that 39% of sellers’ agents said a staged home spends much less time on the market.

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It also helps homes sell for a higher price. While it will cost you some money to have a home professionally staged, this may be offset if your home attracts high offers.

In addition to staging, you’ll also want to make sure photos taken of your home are professional and well lit. Photos make the strongest first impression when a buyer views your home on a real estate website.

3. Offer a Realistic Price

While everyone wants to get top dollar for their home, sometimes pricing a property too high can backfire on you. Buyers may think there’s no room for negotiation and that you’re not willing to accept a lower offer.

You shouldn’t under price your home, either. Using a home estimator tool can help determine a ballpark figure to list your home at, based on your neighborhood.

4. Remove All Personal Items

When a prospective buyer views a home, they like to be able to see and feel it potentially as being theirs. That’s why most real estate agents recommend tucking away all personal items including photos and mementos rather than leaving them out on full display.

Without reminders that the house currently belongs to someone else, a buyer will be better able to envision what they would do with the decor and space if they lived there. This increases the chances of receiving multiple offers.

So as much as you love displaying images of loved ones, it’s in your best interest to place these items into safe keeping until you sell your home.

5. Be Accommodating to Last Minute Showings

This one can be challenging to follow, but you increase your chances of that next buyer being the one if you’re willing to leave the home on short notice for a showing. Remember that not everyone has the same working schedule as you and they may need to view the home at night or on the weekends.

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It can be an inconvenience, but sometimes you’ll need to be prepared to leave your home for last-minute showings. Offering a new time to the buyer’s agent may make them decide to pass on your property completely. You also need to be ready to take pets with you and make sure no signs of them (food bowls and kitty litter boxes) are visible.

6. Spruce Up the Interior and Outside

If your home is in need of some cosmetic enhancements, now is the time to take care of them. You may not have a ton of time and money for a major renovation, but you can improve the curb appeal of your home. A fresh coat of paint, mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, and repairing any patchy areas will go a long way towards playing up its appearance.

Inside your home, you may want to paint a room or two in a neutral color and make any small repairs. Lighting your home like a professional will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere and ensure your home looks great in photographs.

7. Consider Selling the Home For Cash

If you have a home that’s a hard sell because it needs a lot of work or you need money as quickly as possible, you may want to consider using a cash for homes company.

This option really isn’t suitable for most home sellers, but if you’re dealing with a divorce or foreclosure or you can’t sell your home because of its condition, it may be your best bet. Keep in mind these companies will negotiate for the lowest price possible on your home.

Follow These Tips For a Quick House Sale

Following these tips should translate into a quick house sale. In addition to the seven steps above, you should also choose to work with a good seller’s agent and ask them regularly for feedback on how you can sell your home faster.

For more advice on maintaining, cleaning, and selling your house, be sure to read our latest home posts.

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