Boston Neighborhood Map: 5 Boston Neighborhoods You Can Afford without a Seven-Figure Salary

Boston Neighborhood Map: 5 Boston Neighborhoods You Can Afford without a Seven-Figure Salary

Boston, MA is one of America’s most historically rich urban centers. Unfortunately for those looking to move there, it can also be pretty expensive. But it doesn’t have to be prohibitively so.

Though it’s easy to find homes that require a seven-figure salary, there are plenty of neighborhoods for the more frugally minded resident. If you count yourself among them, this guide is for you.

Here’s a handy guide to five affordable Boston neighborhoods.

1. Codman Square

The first neighborhood on this list is also the cheapest. With home prices averaging around $235 per square foot, this is vastly more affordable than some of Boston’s most expensive neighborhoods, which can come in at upwards of $3000 per square foot.

Apart from being the most affordable neighborhood in the city, it also offers up some of the least variability in the price range. Max prices only go up to about $493 per square foot, which means you won’t be looking at homes with wildly varying costs.

2. Mattapan

Mattapan is the second cheapest neighborhood in the city and is close to Codman Square geographically. Prices are quite similar as well, with the average housing cost being about $283 per square foot.

Apart from its low average cost, Mattapan also boasts the cheapest individual home listings currently on the market. The cheapest homes in the neighborhood are going for as low as $154 per square foot. For a potential homeowner in Boston, it doesn’t get better than that!

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3. Roslindale

Roslindale is a wonderful potential spot to find the perfect home. As one of the more scenic neighborhoods in Boston, residents can expect an old-world feel that is hard to come by in other US cities.

Named after the dales and rolling hills in the area, Roslindale presents a side of Boston you won’t see the same way in other neighborhoods. Luckily, it’s also quite affordable.

The average price for a single family home is just $323 per square foot, putting it well below the seven-figure sums many Boston homes will fetch. You can also get a condo for just over $400,000, which is a steal for the perks you’ll get in this historic neighborhood.

4. Dorchester

Dorchester is similar to Roslindale as far as pricing is concerned. Sporting a similar range of prices maxing out just over $600 per square foot, Dorchester is a great option for the price minded homebuyer.

That said, its cheapest options still best Roslindale, coming in at under $200 per square foot. That challenges Mattapan and Codman Square for the lowest prices in the city.

5. Hyde Park

Last but not least is the famous Hyde Park. Non-Bostonians will likely have heard of this historic neighborhood if they’ve heard of any. Good news then that it rivals Codman Square for the smallest price range.

The range of prices spans around $200 to $500 per square foot, so potential buyers don’t have to sweat prices being all over the place. A famous neighborhood with affordable prices may seem too good to be true, but Hyde Park is just that!

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Boston Neighborhoods You Can Afford

As you can see, sometimes it’s good to disbelieve the hype. Although Boston can certainly be expensive, there are plenty of affordable Boston neighborhoods if you look for them. The same is true for other cities known for being expensive, like Toronto, which if considered the most expensive city to live in Canada. However, areas you can find areas in the Greater Toronto area for more affordable places to live, such as Richmond Hill pre-construction condo units and residential neighborhoods.

If you decide to take the plunge and make the move, buying a home is only the first step. The next is to make it your own. Read on to learn some DIY secrets to make your new Boston home the perfect retreat.

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