Scrub up Nice: Tips for Wearing Scrubs That Show off Your Personality

Scrub up Nice: Tips for Wearing Scrubs That Show off Your Personality

It used to be that wearing scrubs was like wearing pajamas to work. There’s no chance of showing style and you had to leave your personality at the door.

But oh how times have changed!

Gone are the frumpy styles. There are now many ways to stay professional while also showcasing the personality that makes YOU.

Want to know how it’s done? Read on to find 7 tips for wearing scrubs while letting your personality shine through.

1. Wear the Right Fit

Scrubs are not a one size fits all deal. You should treat them like any other piece of clothing – fit for your shape and preference. It can give you the personalized look that fits your personality.

Gone are the days of a potato sack fit. Scrubs now come in styles such as cargo, leggings, even tunic tops in a medleisure fabric. And since we know that piques your interest, you can see more here.

Even petite, tall, and maternity sizes are available.

But if none of that still ticks your box, consider getting your scrubs professionally tailored or made to custom measurements. It’s a sure-fire way to carry a look that no one else will have.

2. Show Personality Through Color and Prints

If your facility is one that lets you wear any color you like, or at least allows a decent selection of colors to choose from, then the sky is the limit! The color of your scrubs gives a huge avenue to put your personality on full display.

Wear your favorite color. Or choose a print that showcases your interests in things like yoga, dogs, or Disney characters.

You can even mix and match colors. Wear a printed top with color coordinated pants.

With the nearly endless selection of colors and prints available today, it’s easy to find selections that show off that awesome personality.

3. Be Creative with Accessories

Accessories can make the outfit, and scrubs are no exception to that rule!

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Make sure you know what your medical facility’s policy is on jewelry. Because of safety and infection control issues, certain items may have restrictions.

But if you’re allowed to wear even a little bit of bling, use it to your full advantage!

Simple jewelry pieces can dress your scrubs up. Stud earrings and a delicate necklace will give you a polished, professional appearance.

Charm bracelets will not only showcase your unique interests, but your smaller patients will also have fun checking out each charm.

And a watch is a medical occupation must. So don’t wear just any old watch, buy one that is fun, functional, and matches your personality to a tee.

Medical Accessories

There are several items you wear with your scrubs that also help with your job function. So why not also use them to spice up your look?

Scrub hats are an easy way to show off your personality. They come in a wide assortment of colors, prints, and styles to choose from. You can use hats to show off your favorite sports team to display your holiday spirit.

Compression socks not only provide comfort, but they also come in lots of fun colors and prints.

Even your stethoscope can become a stylish accessory. Get one in your favorite color.

Accent with Clothing

Scrubs may be the main attraction in your work uniform, but they’re not the only articles of clothing you can wear. Believe it or not, you can accent clothing with other pieces of clothing!

Base layers worn underneath scrubs are the most popular way to add personality into your look. Layering long-sleeve or short-sleeve tops in complementary colors will add more color and interest.

Adding jackets don’t have to cover up the fun. Softshell jackets or well-fitted lab coat can finish off the look.

4. Take Good Care of Your Scrubs

Nothing puts a damper on your appearance than worn, stained scrubs. And it’s a safe bet that’s not the personality-driven look you’re going for.

When you find scrubs you like, take good care of them! Wash them according to manufacturer directions. Spot treat stubborn stains.

Buying quality scrubs will help your scrubs last longer. Fabrics will wash better and resist staining. Good construction will stand up to the wear and tear of your job.

And it’s always a good idea to keep extra scrubs on hand. You never know when something will happen during your unpredictable day.

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5. Your Hair Is Part of the Look

While it may not be part of your official uniform, your hairstyle plays a big role in displaying style and personality with your scrubs.

For safety reasons, many medical facilities want long hair pulled back. But you don’t have to let that stop your style.

Sleek ponytails, braids, and high, messy buns look anything but boring. And it still follows any dress code policy.

6. Don’t Forget About Your Shoes

When you’re on your feet all day, shoes become just as important as what you wear. And there are two kinds that go well with scrubs, plus can display your unique style.


Clogs have become a popular choice for medical professionals. They are easy to clean, come in all sorts of colors and patterns, and are comfortable for all-day use.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are a versatile option. They provide much-needed support, comfort, and also come in any style or color you want.

7. It’s All in How You Wear Your Scrubs

If your goal is to showcase your personality, the biggest accessory you have is your personality itself! As cheesy as it may sound, how you wear your scrubs will make or break the look.

Wear a friendly smile. Give off an approachable demeanor. And having a positive attitude will go a long way in how people perceive you.

Remember, many people who come into a medical facility are nervous or scared. But presenting yourself in an upbeat, warm way will put patients at ease and showcase your personality to perfection.

Wearing Scrubs Doesn’t Mean You Have to Blend into the Crowd

Expressing who we are through what we wear is something everyone enjoys. And you don’t have to let wearing scrubs make you invisible. By using these tips, you can let your personality wear the scrubs, not the other way around.

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