How to Survive As an Introvert Nurse

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Is Nursing a suitable career for an introvert like you? If you’re an introvert with a helping mentality, you could have asked this question to yourself a hundred times! Even though you want to help people in your mind, interacting with new people on a daily basis may seem hard for you! But the real question is, are you willing to let go of your dream job as an introvert? Well, probably, you shouldn’t!

Your introvertism should not restrain you from your dream jobs! There are career options for people like you in every field, and all you have to do is find the right qualifications and skills! You can thrive in your career as an entrepreneur, actor, musician, and even as a call center expert! Finding the right career options in the nursing field and handling your work-life proportion will help you to nail your job!

Nursing Career Options As An Introvert

Nurses spend a lot of their time with patients, their families, friends, and their coworkers. And you may think a nursing career is not the best opportunity for someone who doesn’t enjoy social interactions, but there are career options for introverts to live out their dream without even sacrificing their comfort level.

1. Travel Nurse

At first glance, you may think that this career option is only suitable for outgoing persons! But picture this: you can change your assignment after a certain period of time, you can travel to your favorite place while working as a nurse, plus you could take your best mate with you! Sounds good? You can become a travel nurse with your RN license and 1-2 years of experience in your industry.

As a travel nurse, your every assignment may last around 8 to 26 weeks. Mostly it depends on the assignment and may last for 13 weeks. Depending on your comfort level, you could extend your assignment or get a new contract. Want to take some alone time to boost your spirits? You could always have the option to take rest after each assignment. It’s your chance to get paid to visit and stay at our favorite places, sharpen your skills, and advance your career. And most importantly, you could bring your favorite person along with you. Who would that be companian – is that your pet pup, soulmate, best friend, or parents?

2. Forensic Nursing

If you want to go beyond the typical duties of a basic nurse and want to bring a law enforcement angle in your career, forensic nursing may be the right option for you. They perform their duties from a judicial and healthcare service system. You can become a forensic nurse with your RN license, and you could take a certificate in Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner, which is an optional choice for this position. You can also increase your rank by becoming an MSN if you are already an RN.

Forensic nurses specialize in caring for patients who met with severe trauma, violence, and abuse. They will have an overall basic knowledge in both nursing and as well as the criminal justice system. They will provide compassionate, sensitive care for patients while collecting significant evidence that may be needed for further reasons. Their duties would include photographing the injuries of a patient, storing their clothes for future evaluation of the case, and collecting other evidence from the victim.

3. Nursing Informatics

Nursing informatics takes the computer and information sciences into healthcare and combines them into nursing. They also maintain patient-centric, innovative, and user-friendly data to improve the patient’s outcome. Their goal is to cut additional costs, boost patient care quality and performance.

Most nursing informatics out there starts as a registered nurse. As nurse informatics, you can work at universities, healthcare organizations, and even consulting firms. They work as an advocate for nursing, and they can also work as an educator, like instructing fellow nurses relevant materials and all.

4. Oncology Nurse

Introverts have difficulty interacting with a new set of people, new environments, and social activities. Once they are comfortable in a position they are working, they will be an excellent asset to that organization. That’s why being an oncology nurse may help you to get you where you wanted to be.

Oncology nurses care for patients who are diagnosed with cancer and who will be there in the long term for their treatment. In order to become an oncology nurse, you can either follow a course in the Associate’s degree in nursing (ADN-RN route) or Bachelor in Science Nursing (BSN-RN route). Being in the oncology department will allow you to continue learning new medical practices, and will boost your skills and financial benefits. For those who want to know a bit more about their patients and their needs, this career may be your best choice out there!

5. Medical Coding

Picture this: you’re in your room, or any favorite place, working for a health organization, with your comfortable time schedule. It sounds like an introvert’s dream job comes true! With a twist of a career change and an accredited medical coding certificate, you can become a medical coder. Medical coding is nothing, but it is the activity of translating a healthcare provider’s medical scripts and prescriptions into useful medical codes.

Proper medical coding is essential, as this will be the data to ensure the payment for physicians, create an accurate record of patient medical history, and appropriate medical treatment options for patients. This is a perfect career for you if you don’t want to directly interact with new patients or their families on a daily basis, or want to work in a comfortable environment of your home.

How to Cope up With Your Work

Being an introvert, I know all the struggles we are going through! It’s not just the nursing industry, but all the other sectors too! Introvertism doesn’t mean to stay in your room, thinking about all the things you wish you’d do! Even though this character builds by genes and our experiences with other people, we need to be bold and outstanding at some time of our life! And remember, you don’t have to be someone you’re not to be good at your job!

  • Make time to Recharge Your Life

Work in a nursing field where you can easily take a day or two off to enjoy your life and recharge your social battery. Connect with your close loved ones and listen to their stories about their job and life. Take a walk to the park and find your favorite bench and listen to your favorite podcast! Or do some yoga to refresh your mind and body. Or you can even try a recipe you’ve on your mind for so long! There are so many options to boost your soul, so don’t hesitate whenever you feel like you need a break, take it, and enjoy your “Me-time.”

  • Find Some Alone Time With Yourself or Like-minded Colleagues

During your break or lunchtime, take a walk by yourself or with a like minded colleague. Taking a break from your working environment for some time will help you to relax. Hang out with some likely minded people for some time, as this will open the door to some gossip, weekend plans, the latest books they’re reading, or songs they are listening to. It might take some time, but it will be worth it at the end of the day.

  • Get to Know Your Patients Well

Understanding your patients and their needs will help you to come up with new treatment plans as well as help you to interact with the patient more. You can collect clues from their room and ask them about it, or something just simply as what’s their favorite color, place, musician and all. These questions may seem silly, but this will help you to build your relationship with your patient. And building a quality relationship with your patient will lighten your work.

Your introvertism doesn’t mean you can’t do it! Having an introverted personality does not mean you can not be an entrepreneur, a teacher, a nurse, a leader, or anything you wish you wanted to be! All you have to do is find the perfect opportunity and do your best out there!


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