Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurses!

Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurses!

Looking for a career in nursing with flexibility to work on your terms? Well then, travel nursing was invented just for you. After all, it’s fun being able to take jobs when you pick the places you want to work in. Even better, when those places also offer a generous amount of pay.

Travel nursing offers different environments to work in with incredible opportunities to see the world. Below are some highest paying cities to work a travel nurse must consider.

These 7 Cities Offer the Highest Pay to Travel Nurses

We’ve picked out some cities good for both long-term contract & just a few weeks.

  1. New York City, NY

A city that never sleeps comes with perks of a happening life and leisure. It has something for everyone. There is no reason we could have a list of finest cities for travel nurses and not count New York.

With a population of more than 8 million, New York City beholds abundant opportunities in the medical industry. The hospitals in NYC provide empathetic, quality health care with extended hours.

Certainly, the cost of living is high in the country, but the widespread subway system cuts down the transportation cost and proves to be an excellent mode of conveyance.

Mount Sinai Hospital, Beth Israel Medical Center and St. Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Center are some of the best hospitals that offer the highest salary to travel nursing staff.

If you are considering NYC to be your next destination, choose Manhattan for living as the cost and expenses are much lesser as compared to the other cities.

  1. Honolulu, HI

Imagine working in a city with sunbathers on the island, among the beautiful shades of the beaches. Sounds fascinating, right?

Well, it is. But, apart from all the scenic beauty, the city also majors in terms of employment in the medical industry.

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Though a great location and the high retention rates make finding a job difficult, the number of new emerging hospitals makes up for them.

Moreover, the Hawaii Health Systems Corporation is trying to develop new healthcare facilities over the next several years which may bring more opportunities to nursing professionals.

  1. Washington, D.C.

Like other big cities, Washington also offers a good number of job opportunities for the nursing staff. Besides, it is one of the cities that offer the best salaries to medical professionals.

While some see Washington as an excessively expensive city, it is comparatively cheaper than the other cosmopolitan cities in the world. Moreover, the remote areas on the edge of town are way more affordable.

  1. Cleveland, OH

It is important to note that as a travel nurse you will only reside at a location for a limited period. While Cleveland might not be the city for work plus leisure, it is great in terms of opportunities.

Also, the city is famous for its prestigious hospitals all over the world, one of them being the Cleveland Clinic.

This specialty hospital has been ranked the second-best healthcare facility by the U.S. News. For nurses looking for opportunities in centres of excellence like cardiology, cancer, and orthopedics, Cleveland should be your choice.

  1. Maui, Hawaii

Along with NYC, Maui is among the priciest city to live in, and the competition for work is fierce.

However, if you still manage to find an assignment in this city, do not let it go. With benefits like high pay, great work environment, friendly staff, and deluxe free private housing, the assignment will be worthwhile.

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In addition, whenever you find time off your shift, you can always enjoy Maui’s tropical weather, island spirit, and gorgeous beaches.

  1. Philadelphia, PA

Another city that might interest you is Philadelphia, PA. This city is known for its two prestige hospitals in Thomas Jefferson and Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn University).

Other than this, Philadelphia is also famous for one of the largest children’s hospitals in the state. Therefore, openings for pediatric nurses never fall back in Philadelphia.

  1. Boston, MA

Finishing up this top 7 list is Boston. Apart from being a home to the world-desirable Harvard University, this city secures the largest employment sector, i.e., medical industry.

Though maintaining living standards is hard in this city, your employer may offer you housing and other allowances to earn and save during your assignment.

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Boston General are among the top-rated hospitals in Boston. Both provide plenty of openings and wonderful experience for travel nurses.

Nursing opportunities for travel nurses are in abundance. As a travel nurse, you will be in full control of your career. So, what’s holding you back?

The humongous opportunities await skilled nurses, take a flight towards your dreams.

Contributor Bio – The blog is presented by Sharda Hospital. Sharda Hospital is one of the largest super speciality hospitals in Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).



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