How to Organize a Backyard Party

How to Organize a Backyard Party

More than just a place where you rake leaves during autumn and go sunbathing, your backyard can also be converted into a nice venue for any outdoor occasion. If anything, holding a party literally within inches of your back door is a great way to add a bit of excitement. At least, with outdoor parties, you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable place like Gabbinbar Homestead to gather your friends for a wedding anniversary or a simple Fourth of July barbecue.

When it comes to organizing such events, your backyard offers ample space for you to try out new things. You’re not confined by walls, and you can do whatever you want in terms of holding a stellar party for your guests. But just like any occasion, a great deal of preparation has to be done in order to make a backyard event extra special.

If you have a pool in the backyard, it’s recommended to have it prepped and cleaned by a reputable Orange County pool cleaning company.

Fortunately, there are certain methods you can apply that will guarantee to make your backyard party more than just an outdoor gathering. If you’re planning an event with an expected turnout of 30 or more people, then these tips might help you achieve your goal to a stellar party. 

  1. Get the right audio equipment

If you’re holding a graduation party for your classmates or an eighteenth birthday celebration for someone in the family, you should be able to have the right audio equipment in place. Keep in mind that the party is happening outdoors, so it’s crucial to find an audio system that offers the right amount of power to EDM music or simply amplify one’s voice through a microphone.

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For this, you can search online for the top audio equipment you can rent out. You can search for 2000-Watt portable speakers, you know, the ones typically used for outdoor functions. You can also make sure your equipment comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to play music from your phone.

A word of caution though: Don’t go overboard with the volume or you’ll risk having your neighbors file a noise complaint!

  1. Get the right dinnerware

What’s a backyard party without food? Whether you want to prepare the menu yourself or hire a caterer to prepare it for you, you need to make sure everybody in your backyard party gets to have the best gastronomic experience they couldn’t find anywhere else.

With that in mind, you should also pair good food with good dinnerware. From buffet tables down to the spoons and forks, it’s important that you find the right event rental service that is capable of providing what you need in order to make the meal just as great as the ambiance.

  1. Add in extras

Aside from typical party fixtures such as chairs and a buffet table, you also need to add in some extra components .A mini-bar or a coffee machine can give your guests added convenience. You can also add in other pieces such as a chocolate fountain which the kids would love. Another extra would be name badges for all of your guests so they can move about, mingle, and get to know each other!

  1. Install proper lighting

Holding the event in your backyard means you need to make sure the area is well-lighted. For this, it’s important to choose the right outdoor lighting systems that are capable of illuminating the whole venue. Although floodlights are an obvious choice, they are relatively expensive to rent and consume too much power. A  much more practical way is to hang overhead lights.

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You can string together some light bulbs and hang it from one end of the area to the other end. It’s much more tedious than renting out floodlights, but it still provides adequate lighting for lesser the costs. For the perfect installation, you need the most convenient tools at hand. Check this link for the best drills for best fixation of lights.

  1. Do a bit of decorating

Being in the outdoors means you are free to decorate it in any way you want. Regardless of the type of event you are holding, you will need to explore your backyard first and visualize how your events would look like. Take note of certain landmarks such as trees, shrubs, fences and sheds. You can use these landmarks to your advantage.

For one, you can wrap white Christmas lights around a tree. You can also hang decorations on the branches to give off a rural feel.

Still, it’s important that you stick to a plan that you can work with. Everything else will come right after you have everything set up.

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