Your First Drone Buying Guide

Your First Drone Buying Guide

Over the years, the drone industry has grown to quite a competitive one. There are many brands out, each with its pros and cons. All these drones out here have different features, functions as well as sizes. We can understand why it would be difficult settling for one drone when shopping for your first drone.

This article will focus on making your experience easy. Here is a buying guide for your first drone.

Flying time

Some drones lasts up to 5 minutes when flying while others will last up to 15 minutes. What you need to focus on is the battery life of the drone. This is because the drone’s battery life will determine how long you can fly it.

For an easy time, it is best to buy an extra battery. This way, you have a back-up plan in case the first battery runs out. However, some manufacturers sell their drones with a second batter as part of the package. Such drones, of course, save you the hustle of having to shop for a second battery.

Smart Features

In the current age where everyone is competing to have digital items, manufacturers of drones have upped their game. Some drones have GPS, LED lights, a collection of flight modes to enable flying both indoor and outdoor and altitude hold for stability.

It is good to look out for a drone with such features for satisfaction and excellent performance.


As much as price sometimes dos not matter that much when you are looking into buying a quality item, it good to do a price comparison.

As a first time buyer of a drone, you need to have the specs you are looking for at your fingertips. After this, compare prices among different brands. This is because some brands will be more expensive than others and yet have the same features as the cheaper ones. This will save you some cash.

Available accessories

It is good to go for a drone that comes with extra accessories e.g. extra charging cable, an extra battery among others. Some brands will be priced higher than their counterparts and yet they might be of poor quality with no extra accessories.

If you are into getting your money’s worth, it is better to pay more money for a quality drone with extra accessories.


As a newbie, when getting your first drone, it is good to look out for any protection features in the drone. Mostly, you might end up crashing the drone while you are still at that learning curve. For better service and durability, go for a drone with a rotor blade protection. This protects it from any damage by reducing the force of impact in case of a crash.


Some drones come in an already assembled position, allowing you to fly it immediately it is out of the box. Others, will need a little configuration before you can start enjoying. As a beginner, it is advisable to go for one that is already configured.

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