Make New Connections the Easy Way with Conference Name Badges

Make New Connections the Easy Way with Conference Name Badges

Name badges have turned into a crucial part of larger meetings, conferences and at times smaller meetings too. Conferences and corporate events benefit exclusively from name badges as it is an excellent means of breaking the ice amid attendees. They typically contain vital information. The name tag essential has the name of the attendee along with the company he/she is associated with. Though at first glance, conference name badges may not have a huge impact, often they are the first interaction of the attendee with the event and are a vital constituent of his/her experience. The employee needs to wear a badge everywhere.

Some Cool Ideas to Get Creative Name Tags for an Upcoming Event

Take a look at some cool ideas that will help you in getting creative name tags for an upcoming event or conference,

  • Add Interesting or Additional Information- In any conference name badge, the standard information used is the name of the attendee and the name of the company. At times it also has some more information such as contact details, short LinkedIn link or Twitter handle. Though this is vital and good, a name badge often is the foremost thing attendees’ gaze at while beginning a conversation with a person. So it is wise in changing it by including alternative or additional information which may prove helpful for attendees while they are networking. Here a smart means of gathering information will be through registration forms and sending pre-event survey which is close to the event date. In fact, a little extra information such as the favorite movie of the attendee, their pet peeve buzzword or the industry keyword that they use the maximum can work wonders in paving the way for more meaningful conversations.
  • Name Tags that are High Tech for Attendee Tracking- Though the sticker of “Hi my name is” will suffice, but will not always be the most professional looking or classy technique. If lead generation happens to be a factor, having conference name badges that are high tech will be an obvious pick. QR codes, barcodes, and RFID are commonly used as it allows exhibitors in collecting pertinent information, emails and names. These days using conference name badges has turned commonplace for lead generation as it can be done simply by scanning that code present on every badge. Moreover, name tags that are high tech offer digital footprints which a planner can use for tracking the behavior of the attendee. Through the use of event app or any other form of dedicated technology, a conference name badge will help in creating an extra layer of information. This way the planners will be capable of tracking which booths have been visited the most during an exhibition or also aid sponsors to attain better visibility via viewing and also analytics for which parts of the event has been frequented the most by the attendees.
  • Nameless Badge- In a small meeting where conference name badge is not essentially in being a name badge, a conference badge that is non-traditional will work wonders. It is best to consider using objects or items which at a glance can sort attendees. Color coding is a good option as it can aid attendees in finding and connecting with people of interest. Replacing the badge part with a wearable, portable and lightweight charger that can be color-coded for separating the attendee’s group visually and at the same time remain extremely useful for attendees. In fact, as a cost-effective alternative in local marketing conferences, planners had allowed the attendees in choosing various colored pins which could be added in lanyards provided during registration. Such pins had been color-coded along with containing words for marking as to whether the attendee worked in an agency, in-house in a company or as a freelancer. It helped the attendees in pinpointing the marketer type they were actually working with along with allowing peers in connecting and networking quickly. Another innovative means will be in using wrist bands. It is equally useful in attendee identification and can also be used with RFID or barcodes and is difficult and convenient to lose. To know more log in to
  • Name Badge Design Essentials- In case of using conference name badges of the traditional type, there are a couple of essential points that need to be considered such as,
  1. Use clear as well as easy to read fonts
  2. The design should be kept simple
  3. Avoid overcrowding the name badge with information

Today there is no dearth in the availability of resources that offer name badges that are beautifully designed. No matter what you decide, ensure that the design does not by any means overshadow the usefulness of the tag. Name badges will create an impact when it comes to the attendee experience. In fact, the back portion is the right place for adding condensed, helpful resources which attendees can reference quickly. Hence consider what information should be added and which way rather than how it must appear.

What the name tag appears as is less crucial than what the same will do for an attendee. Consider what is essential, consider alternatives which will take into account attendee objectives, color-coded items or badges will help to sort attendee types, and high-tech badges will help exhibitors or sponsors. Most importantly take into consideration the conference badges’ utility prior to deciding which to use. It is an unlikely yet ultimately immensely beneficial facet of an attendee’s experience. Meeting new people often are difficult for many. It may so happen that you may not be familiar with anyone in the conference and may forget names easily. You may meet someone face to face for the very first time and are not aware of how they appear in real life as they may use a different picture in their social networking account. No matter the reason, often it is a challenge meeting and communicating with new people. It is here where name badges can act as a savior making it simpler for people in making new connections.



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