5 Smart Apparels to Invest in this Season

5 Smart Apparels to Invest in this Season


Summer is at its peak so are the trends of fashion waiting for you. The season gives you full freedom to dress up the way you want and adopt a dressing that is as chic as comfortable, unlike the winters when you’ve to stay rolled in a number of scarves, shawls, and sweaters.

Now you can wear that short skirt to your friend’s party without bothering to wear some warm leggings beneath it and your favorite dress without an overcoat.

With the variety of trends and the availability of so many styles, you may be confused what to wear to look the most fashionable girl in town who has the sense of dressing no one can match.

So here are 5 smart apparels you must invest in this season to get gorgeous looks:

1.    Floral style

The floral dressing is the trendiest style which would sit best on your look this summer and spring. They give a funky, non-serious, freestyle and super-cool look in the scorching summers and sprinkling spring.

There are various types of clothing ensuing with this sense of style.

The style is getting popular with bell-sleeve tops. You may match this top with a pair of jeans or pants to complete the style.

Cold-shoulder tops are the trendiest in the fashion industry today and suit best with flutter sleeves. When the chic floral print combines with this breezy cold-shoulder cutout you get an outstanding appearance.

Contemporary off-the-shoulder styling gives you an elegant neckline with a beautiful floral print top.

Halter tops not only look cute but give a sassy tinge to your dressing. A floral halter top is just the perfect piece of clothing you’re looking for your Sunday drinks outing with your girls.

The floral print is getting famous with bikinis too. Chic and modern, take on this, you will walk on fashion road.

The floral style looks super-cute and chic with crop tops matched with similar shorts featuring pompoms hem.

Floral print looks astounding in a cami top. Pair with your skinny bottoms for an effortless laid-back downtime look. The floral print has always been rocked in dresses and gowns.

It looks especially gorgeous on a tulip dress or a maxi dress.

Jumpsuits are also available in floral print. They are in different styles like a halter, open shoulder, cami, wide leg etc and look stunning.

You can dress up in a floral printed romper which is also available in different styles and is one of the trendiest options in contemporary fashion trends.

2.    Kimono style

The Japanese cultural dress has been integrated into a number of trendy clothing waiting for you to put on this season.

A  kimono cover-up is the best thing you may carry to the beach this summer vacation. It’s a see-through, embroidered and midi length cover-up with wide sleeves.

A sophisticated kimono dress is exactly what you need for a chic party look. A dark teal dress with top wraps over like a kimono dress, fitted at the waist would be perfect for a cocktail party.

Kimono jackets provide the perfect piece to be carried over a simple tank top and jeans. A floral kimono jacket would give you a free-spirited yet sophisticated look.

This sheer and flattering kimono top will be perfect to be added to your closet this spring.

3.    Corset 

The traditional European garment infamous for its digging wires and the discomfort caused to women is now available in more cozy styles and looks super-sexy to be paired with any casual wear.

You can wear an underbust corset on top of a crisp white shirt with quarter sleeves.

5 Smart Apparels to Invest in this Season corset


Corset belts are the revolutionized versions of the traditional steel boned corsets and provide the trendiest styles today.

They are very easy to wear and fit onto any piece of clothing to make it chicer.

Plus you may decide how loose or tight you want to keep the belt according to your comfort. They are available in a number of colors to suit your clothing and are preferably worn over dresses and oversized shirts.

4.    Pants

There are a number of trendy pants available to be paired with the fashionable tops.

Wide legged pants are the new fashion statement. You can try Capri length wide-legged pants. A Drawstring waistband will complete the look.

Bell bottom pants are back to trend with a number of colors and designs of which a floral pant is the best to be added to your closet.

High Slit Palazzo Pants give a sexy tinge to your simple summer style. They are also available in lace-up design at waistband.

5 Smart Apparels to Invest in this Season pants


Your love for wine may turn into a fashion statement with these Harley Wine Cigarette pants. A perfect attire for your perfect wine party.

5.    Headgears 

A wide variety of trendy hats and headbands is available to be tried out this season.

Headbands are the most common fashion accessories to be paired with a matching dress. A floral headband is all you need to embellish your floral clothing.

Beret hats give a classy look to your casual wear and are available in a number of styles and colors.

Bunny and cat headbands are also common now to be worn to a Pajama Party.

A straw hat can be paired with any dress and works well on a sunny day outing, whereas a cadet hat gives a super-sophisticated look to simple clothing.

So get ready to get trendy this summer with all these smart apparels ready in your cupboard. Try making unusual pairs to give a new style to your dressing.

Don’t stay simple, experiment with your looks!


Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she is also caught by the fashion bug. She has been writing for Truecorset for some time now. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

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