Our Favorite Shoe Trends Spotted During MFW

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Colorful polished peep toes are poking out of snazzy sandals and signaling winter’s end. The latest flat shoes spotted at Milan Fashion Week presented themselves in bright colors, showing off the wearer’s embrace of sunshine and seasonal change. Stilettos, mesh and crystals prove that fashion week never stops when you’ve found a pair of ladies shoes online that are ready to start the party.

Textured leather flats are for anyone looking for versatile and comfortable slides. From sunrise until long past sunset, textured flats move you through home base to the office, and then on through happy hour or to the fashion show. Matching flats with casual or professional outerwear can round things out when a long and hectic schedule requires some extra zest.

Fashion and Explosions of Colors

The winter is wrapping up, and so are its subdued hues. Vivid shades are springing forward with the clocks and the extended sunshine. Bright yellow, pink and magenta hues are saturating the latest flat shoes. Casual athletic footwear can help make the transition from the New Year’s feel less dreary, and Milan Fashion Week kicked off warm and exciting. The trendy upbeat colors are the right ticket for anyone who needs a pick-me-up to get back on track.

Color-coded shoes can help when coordinating the day’s activities. No packed schedule is complete without planning for some self-care. Your outgoing footgear can serve as a reminder that a brisk five-minute walk could make a positive difference in how the day turns out. Mesh sneakers demonstrate you’re ready for anything; they can help combat a hindrance that’s trying to get in your way.

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Boots Made for It All

The MFW is an event where fashion imitates life. This year’s trend of wearing bold boots with short skirts can be said to reflect an awareness that there’s still some business that needs to get done. Taking time off for self-care is necessary, but getting back to the grind may require toughness, such as that which comes with a pair of leather boots.

Ostrich boots have become popular in ladies’ fashion. The ostrich is believed to be an ancient symbol for truth, new life and protection, which is not a bad way to describe how spring should feel as it approaches. Jumping into a pair of tall Lucchese ostrich boots can help you get aligned with the right frame of mind.

Footwear As Unique As You Are

Lucchese boots come in a variety of unique colors and styles, all featuring high-quality artisanship. They’re more than fashionable; each pair is a work of art with tonal stitching and hand-stained finishing. No two pairs are crafted alike, which means that they’re as unique as the individual wearing them. Finding the right pair of discount Lucchese boots to match and assert your lifestyle can demonstrate your aptitude and drive.

For many busy individuals, the spring season means it’s time to deal with the stuff that’s been piling up. Colorful sandals, the latest flats and Lucchese boots are there for anyone who could use some extra motivation to get things done. Coming across the perfect pair while searching for ladies shoes online can provide the spark needed to jumpstart yourself into the new season.

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