Choosing a High-Cut Bikini for Your Body Type

trendy high cut bikini

No matter the age and size, a woman can dream of wearing a bikini at a certain point in her life. Going to beach parties and swimming in the pool are just some of the events that come to mind. A high-cut bikini is a perfect outfit for such occasions. Wearing one makes you seem so daring and brave. But did you know that the highly popular two-piece came from modest beginnings?

A French designer by the name of Louis Reard unveiled a bathing suit in 1946. Composed of shorts and a halter top with no skirt panel, he called it a bikini in honor of a groundbreaking atomic test at the Bikini Atoll. There is a slight tease of a sliver of midriff-skin, whereas the navel was fully covered. The designer made sure to observe modesty in a period of change. Strong, shy, friendly, and empowered women wore the ancestor of the high-cut bikini in that era. And it evolved to what it is now–a swimsuit that does a gravitational pull on women of all shapes and sizes. But the trick to wearing a bikini is to check what fits your body type.


Color blocking is the best way to achieve body balance via the shoulders. Darker vertical patterns or smaller prints flatter your frame. Since the narrowest part of your body is the waist, have diagonal lines pointing towards it to create the illusion of symmetry. Enhance your bust area with small details and embellishments. You can even wear skirted bottoms for any rear or thigh flaws you may be conscious about.


The curves of a woman are inevitable. If you feel that you are on the plus size of the scale, wear tops with lighter colors. Taper your waistline by wearing a ruched or draped design. Highlight your hips and thighs to show off your figure. If you are mindful of some areas, go for an all-over printed swimsuit. You can also go for high waisted bottoms for more comfort in the tummy area. You can even use your bikini top for other occasions, such as gym activities or jogging.


For the woman with the muscular body, a smaller bottom shows off long legs and a cute rear. So a super high-cut base is perfect for flaunting your backside and thighs. A two-piece accentuates toned, muscular shoulders and flat abs. Embellishments (such as shirring on the top) or a uniquely cut neckline at the bust area are your friends to create the illusion of an hourglass figure.


When you have a slim waist, wide hips, and a full bust, most women could envy you. You can wear anything and everything, and they will all look good on you. Take advantage of it by wearing a daring two-piece. Try to go for some side-boob exposure and a high-cut bikini bottom.

Going to the beach is a fun activity, so you should always be prepared – towels, picnic basket, and swimsuit. Your wardrobe should always have a bikini in case of any leisurely emergencies. And just like its bombing namesake, it is one essential piece of clothing for women. Comfort, fashion, and peace of mind should be considerations when choosing the perfect sand or swimwear for you.

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