What Do The Feathers Say About Your Future?

What Do The Feathers Say About Your Future?

City dwellers do not get to enjoy much of nature. Birds are few and finding a feather might make you happy as you find something rare. If you stay close to nature, then you might not be noticing a feather here or there. It is too common for you. But they are actually signs.

God keeps us sending signs and acts in his mysterious ways. We are not aware of most signs that appear to us since we do not have the wisdom to do so. Nor do we have the keen eye to notice. If we can read into God’s message, we can act accordingly, and our life can get better in every possible way. Here is top psychic reading services listed by Juneau Empire.

According to Stan Millhouse from Psychic 2 Tarot, it’s a common belief that finding a certain colored feather can be spiritual symbols for encouragement or warnings for things that will soon happen in your life. Feathers are like blessings from God, they are that much-needed guidance.

Colors Of Feather And Their Meaning

Each feather that appears to you, their color and the way they had been placed can hold significant meanings.

Red – A red colored feather is associated with life itself. It signifies vitality, passion. It is a symbol of courage as well. Many people prefer to wear red feather jewelry and strongly believe that it helps to lift their spirits.

Yellow – The color yellow signifies happiness and self-reliance. It is a message from God to tell you to believe in yourself, rely on your instinct. More often than not, we ignore a gut feeling which we may have, but if you have a strong instinct and simultaneously find a yellow feather, it is time to trust yourself.

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Blue – If a blue feather greets you, embrace it as a blessing from Archangel Michael. It is time for some self-discovery. You must be honest with your feelings. Resolve any emotional turmoil going through your head. As you put your restless mind to ease, you will immediately receive clarity.

Green – For time immemorial, green has stood as the color of procreation, well-being. It also signifies nurturing. A green feather bears the message that you are about to receive the gift of plenty, your health-related issues will be resolved, you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated soon. Many of the ancient civilizations even worship the feather of a peacock, which is dominantly green.

Brown – This is a warm color that brings to you the assurance that you can sail through the difficult times. It might be a difficult time for you but be assured that you possess the inner-strength to endure it all. Brown colored feather encourages you to be bolder and asks you to be hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.  

Black – Though a warning sign, it is also is an indication of a force that is caring for your well-being. Once you get aware of looming danger, you will also be able to see how being spiritual is helping you overcome hurdles.

The universe holds an abundant resource of mysteries. One way it chooses to reveal to us is through feathers. By being receptive to the symbols, we let ourselves live a better and prosperous life.

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