Types of Tests in Psychometric Test and Its Advantages

psychometric test

Getting a job these days is very difficult. There are many problems that are faced by the candidates while getting selected for a job. These problems are requirements for the organizations to know that the candidate selected is best for the task that he/she is employed for. Some of the organizations have really hard tests while some have comparatively easy tests. The toughness of the tests totally depends on the organization and there is no set standard for these tests. Some of the tests that are taken by the organizations are:

  • Integrity tests
  • Medical tests
  • Test of job knowledge
  • Cognitive tests
  • Physical ability tests (Rare)
  • Skills assessment test
  • Emotional intelligence test
  • Personality test

Personality test is one of the most common in all organization. Under the personality test Psychometric test is the most difficult one. Psychometric screening test is a scientific test that helps in knowing the following characteristics about the candidate:

  • Personality traits
  • Behavioural qualities
  • Mental capabilities

There are different tests that come under the psychometric test. Some of these tests are:

  • Aptitude test: There are some types of aptitude test that needs to be taken. These are:
    1. Verbal reasoning: This test tells your speaking skills by giving the written information and testing the analytical and interpretive skills of the candidate.
    2. Inductive testing: This test that gives you a graphical representation or any data and check your skills about how you interpret these graphs and how much correct answers you can interpret.
    3. Numerical test: This test is based on the mathematical skills of the candidate and the test is based on higher school mathematics. This test is the most difficult test to clear.
    4. Error check: This test is not done in every organization and it is most common for IT jobs. This test involves detecting the errors out of the codes and other policies are given in the test. Candidates need to detect errors by taking less time and scoring high marks in this test.
    5. Logical reasoning: There are many mental aptitude questions that are provided in this test and you need to give valid reasoning for those problems. This test is tough and the candidate needs to study for it well enough.
  • Personality testing: This test includes a review of your personality traits and how you look upon your job and the other tasks that you need to perform. This test also helps in knowing whether the candidate has the set of values that the organization wants to be present in the employees working in their organization. The candidate that clears out this test is turned out to be fit for the company according to the policies.
  • Skill testing: This testing involves testing on both the skill and the capability of the people. This is a written test and according to the results of the test the skills relating to the jobs are analyzed and the conclusion is drawn on the basis of the test relating to the test and candidates are shortlisted.
  • Emotional testing: This test indicates the emotional control of the people and concludes that how much they can control their emotions and how the person reacts during the practical situations and whether he/ she can overcome his/ her emotions and think realistically.

There are many advantages of psychometric tests for an organization. Some of the advantages are:

  • Saves time: Psychometric test helps in saving the time of the organization by reducing the time taken by the organization to complete the process of recruitment. There are many candidates that apply for a job in an organization. It will take a lot of time to interview and select them. Psychometric tests help in short selecting the candidates before the interview takes place and the overall time taken gets reduced and candidates can be recruited on time.
  • Not relying on interview only: Psychometric test helps the organization to base their decision of selection not only on the interview of the candidates but also on the basis of the test. So there is more than one source from where the organization can make their decision and that too wisely.
  • True picture of candidates: Candidates are better known by conducting of the psychometric test. These tests test the candidate in different areas and give an overview of the personality of the candidate, his/ her emotional stability, skillset, etc. This would not have been possible by conducting the only interview.
  • Fair enough: These tests are fair enough for the organization as well as for the people coming for applying for the job. Candidates appear for this test and the procedure of selection is simple and same for every candidate. All the candidates who appear for an interview usually question or argue that a particular candidate is asked simple questions while they were asked tough one. But with this test it helps the organization in being unbiased as every candidate is given similar questions. So it helps the organization in being fair and unbiased.
  • Measuring skills and abilities of candidates: This test helps in measuring the skill of the candidate by taking various tests that tell his aptitude skills, problem-solving skill, emotional stability, etc.
  • Consistency: Following the same procedure for recruitment and selection every time including the psychometric tests can help in building consistency of the whole process.

Although this test is conducted by every organization today professional before conducting a personal interview, this test also has some disadvantages. One of the most important disadvantages of these tests is that these tests are not at all relevant to the job that the candidate is applying for whereas the personal interview is. Selection of someone on the basis of the quantitative test is not at all equal because not everyone has an interest in the quant section and judging the capability of the person regarding the job on the basis of this test which is not related to the tasks that the person needs to perform is not a right choice.

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