Suitable Jobs for High School Dropouts

Suitable Jobs for High School Dropouts

Job hunting is a challenging phase of life. Job vacancies require different requirements and qualifications which much be held in order to get hired. Not all job seekers have a college degree and actually, some of them have left high school and couldn’t make it back, so they are basically high school dropouts.

Many workers have faced many circumstances which made it elusive for them to complete high school education. Both ways, they still need to get a job, which can actually pay well in return for a long run business idea which can be opened from salary savings. This is a great plan to be enforced for future plans which can make them financially stable in the long run. Non-high school graduates much concentrate on building great transferable skills which might offer a great career.

Are there any good jobs positions which can be occupied for high school dropouts?

Here are the best jobs which don’t require a high school diploma:

     1. Restaurant General Manager.

Yes! General Manager Job position can actually be occupied by a high school dropout. Seems a little bit overwhelming? Restaurant Manager’s role relies too much on how this employee uses the skills in directing a place, she/he might not be educationally eligible but they can own a great number of transferable skills and leadership power which can make them extremely successful in their field. Besides being a great skilled candidate, you’ll certainly need to be knowledgeable in managerial methods and regulation sin order to fulfill the role suitably. Being responsible for employees below you needs a strong personality besides being a great listener as well.

  • Do not feel frustrated if you were not able to continue high school, chances are growing bigger for high school dropouts and non-college degree holders.
  • Make sure you work on developing your skills professionally, in this point your transferable skills proficiency level will determine your career path.
  • If you already own a sensible amount of transferable skills and would like to work in a suitable job which fits your requirements and qualifications, you can easily visit famous online job websites like Joblang and apply online.

     2. Heavy-Truck Driver

Working as a heavy-truck means it’s only you and the wide-open highway. Heavy truck driver’s role involves moving products and goods from one location to another, you can either cut destination inside bustling city streets or driving long-distance hours through wide-open highways. You won’t need any kind of educational degree in this job position, but you must own a commercial driver’s license, with two years’ experience using your commercial license. Being a heavy truck driver is an easy job, you will need to go away from home for several days and sometimes for more than a week, it depends on the targeted destination, also you’ll be spending a lot of time all alone while you’re on route. This job is a great choice for high school dropouts, it’s on open highways and it actually pays well.

  1. Heavy Truck Drivers can get well for driving on open roads; it’s between 40K up to 50K annually.
  2. If you have a commercial license with a two years’ experience in the same field, you easily apply for a job using huge job opportunities portals like and submit your resume to the job which perfectly matches your criteria and fulfill your needs.

     3. Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics job role has been increasing rapidly after hybrid cars have caught the attention. Car buyers now prefer diesel engines because of higher fuel economy usage. Diesel engines will become even more popular by time, that’s why diesel mechanics are in high demand and will constantly increase. Being a mechanic means your cloth and skin getting dirty is a must and working overtime can occur repeatedly. You need to be an easy learner with a required certificate of a post-secondary training program.

  • This job is considered a great job to be enrolled by high school dropouts, good average salary rates are earned in return as well.
  • If you’ve mechanic skills, and you’re interested in enrolling in such job role, you can easily find job opportunities on famous online job websites like and apply online.

     4. Carpenter

Being a carpenter means you can operate a wide variety of any construction-related jobs. It can include building and constructing door frames, stairways, rafters and any other wood material which can be instructed. Being a carpenter might also make you responsible for installing kitchen cabinets, drywall, and siding as well. This work is also related to jobs which can get your clothes and skin dirty and tedious. Another challenging factor in this job role is that you will be operating in different kinds of climates, in both boiling heat to bitter cold, what matters is operating on time in order to finish before the deadlines. Most carpenters often learn it as an inherited job from ancestors or being trained through formal apprenticeship.

  • Carpenters are in constant demand. We witness daily new development projects which need to be constructed and built professionally.
  • If you have got a passion for construction and prefer working in a challenging environment, you can apply online through huge online job opportunities like

     5. Heavy Equipment Operator

This job requires a good masculine body. Being a heavy equipment operator means you will be operating heavy machinery work duties, used in the construction of bridges, roads, buildings, and any other structures. It can be a challenging environment because you need in most any weather. It will also involve working odd hours, and some construction works should be done at night as well like road building. Heavy equipment operator is paid fair average rates, it can reach up to 40,000$ annually.

  • Heavy equipment operators are in high demand as well, it’s the same when it comes to all construction fields.
  • You can seek work by checking latest job openings and vacancies posted on either social media or secured online job websites like

This article should raise hope in high school dropouts. Finding jobs is now getting easier with all these job openings and chances for all kind of graduates and undergraduates. Getting a job might be a hard hunting process, but if you play it smart you’ll end up working in your dream job which fits your educational field and level. If you could do both then you’ll be a winner, try to get a part-time job which pays fair average rates in order to make your miles closer from higher career positions when you hold a degree in your hands. If it’s an elusive plan, then you need to work on building great transferable skills with technical skills as well. Think wisely, and choose your field even wiser.

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