What is the Healthier Option for Home Interior: Salt Lamps or Plants?

What is the Healthier Option for Home Interior: Salt Lamps or Plants?

There are many ways of decorating a house. Still, the use of plants and salt lamps have become a prevailing trend in the interior design industry. These two come with natural beauty and exquisite look that freshens the whole interior. More so, they come with a natural scent and a classic look of combined colors.

The Himalayan salt lamps have become popular, especially in the urban setup. Some people use them to decorate bedrooms, sitting rooms, walkways and on some occasions the offices. The refreshing feeling that comes with these lamps can only be compared to the mood at the beach or after a thunderstorm.

Plants are also playing an essential role in the beautification of homes and offices. The most important thing about the plants is that they give the room a natural theme. A combination of a glassy interior with green plants gives leaves the room with a stylish look and feel.

However, many people are torn between the use of plants or salty lamps for interior decoration. An understanding of the benefits that come with each one of them would help you to make an informed decision. Therefore, here is a comparison between the salt lamps and plants for interior decoration.Click here for Himalayan salt lamps


Advantages of Indoor Plants Like Aloe Vera

You may want to keep indoor plants like aloe Vera for the natural healing benefits. Such a plant has many medicinal uses and may come in handy sometimes. Some plants also act as air cleaners. You may want to plant the spider plant, for example, to clean the toxins within the air. Such plants keep the air fresh and give health benefits to the homeowner.


If you find it difficult to breathe inside your house or office, an indoor plant may be a solution. The plants, especially the green plants, are abundant in oxygen during the day. As such, they give the office or home a fresh flow of air and an abundance of oxygen. Finally and probably most importantly, the plants have become a classy trend, which raises the style of the room. As such, their beauty is a significant advantage that one must consider while designing the interior. Plants also provide negative ions, which are essential for body processes. The negative ions can improve your health, digestion, mood, and relieve anxiety.

Similarly, they can also be very useful in promoting blood flow. They reduce various disorders within the vascular system, allowing proper and efficient blood flow. Consequently, you will feel more energetic and active.

Disadvantages of Indoor Plants

However, the plants have various disadvantages, which may limit their use in interior decoration. One, the green plants take in oxygen during the night. As such, while they are very healthy during the day, they can be suffocating at night.

You don’t want to be competing for oxygen with plants at night. Secondly, the plants may outgrow their spaces. For people who grow plants like small trees, the trees often outgrow the assigned area. The plants also need a lot of care, watering, and pruning. Failure to take care of these plants may result in them being unhealthy and unattractive within the house. As such, though the plants give a natural look in the home, they have some disadvantages that disqualify them.


Great Low-Light Lamp

The Rock salt lamps have numerous benefits when used in interior decoration. They act as a low light lamp and may become a great source of light at night.

While the low light may be essential as a decorative part, its health benefits are also amazing. It is scientifically proven that different lights affect the body in different ways. The blue light, for example, can affect the circadian rhythm, which then affects the sleep hormones. Unfortunately, most of the sources of light that people use today emit blue light.  Such lights may be harmful to the eyes and could cause a lack of sleep. Fortunately, the CrystalSalt Lampscomes to the aid.


The salt lamps give an orange glow, similar to the orange hues in candlelight. As such, they provide a great source of light during the night and does not affect the sleep. Secondly, the lights affect the mood of the night. The same reason causes people to light candles on a romantic night. Lucky enough, the Rock salt lamps provide similar light, which gives that comfy mood of the night.

Improves Air Quality

The salt’s hygroscope is an essential property, which makes it spectacular for the interior decoration. Dumpy rooms can hardly be comfortable. Some people may even relate dumpiness with a lack of hygiene. Well, Himalayan salt lamps may be the solution to a dumpy room.

The hygroscopic nature of the salt allows it to absorb moisture from the surrounding air. It is this same reason that people often find the annoying silica packets inside shoe boxes. The salt lamps can also absorb various air pollutants and neutralize the effects of electrons. They leave the room cleaner and fresher.

In an office set up, the quality of air may be constructive or damaging to your office reputation. The same case applies to areas of business, especially in restaurants. Customers need clear and quality air. Hence, using the Himalayan salt lamps may be your next solution.

salt lamps

Light and Color Therapy Benefits

If you have ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), then the salt lamps can be one of its solutions. These are mood changes that come and go. The soft hues of the Himalayan salt lamps provide soothing colors. These soothing colors can calm people down or increase their focus.

The lamps also provide small amounts of negative ions, which may help boost the mood. Thus, if you need concentration when reading, a salt lamp may be the solution. Similarly, if you need to increase your spirits after a long day at work, you can have salt lamps in your living room. For more comfortable sleeping and a relaxation bedroom feeling, a salt lamp is a solution.

Soothing for Allergies

If you are one of the people struggling with allergies, the salt lamps may be what your house needs. Few scientific studies explain how Real salt lamps reduce allergic effects. However, various anecdotal studies have shown that allergy sufferers benefit from salt lamps.

The negative ions that the Rock salt lamps can also help to prevent airborne germs. Thus, they can protect you from airborne diseases like the common cold. They also help the body to block the germs and other contaminating particles in the air. As such, they allow the lungs to function effectively, and prevent coughing, sore thoughts, and other common cold symptoms.Read Research & doctor opinion on salt lamps

Read Research & doctor opinion on salt lamps

Choosing a Quality Salt Lamp

You should consider many important factors while choosing salt lamps to use in the house, office, or commercial areas. One important thing to consider is the color of the lamp. In most cases, the orange color is better. The darker colored Real salt lamps are often of higher quality. Again, you should ensure that the lamp is a Himalayan salt completely. There are some lower quality imitations, which may not give the desired effects. The size is also an important factor. Bigger sizes are better. However, you can use smaller lamps depending on the interior design’s needs and the cost.

The Rock salt lamps with the rougher surface are also more efficient than, the smoother ones. The rough surfaces are suitable for hygroscopic purposes and freshening the air. They provide a larger surface area for moisture absorption. Finally, the hygroscopic nature works better with a heat-emitting bulb. Hence, use a heat-emitting bulb.

Choosing Between Salt Lamps and Plants

Now that you know the benefits of plants and Himalayan salt lamps, it becomes easier to decide. Both have a natural and cozy feeling. They also have almost similar benefits to the interior surroundings and quality of air. As such, deciding on which product to leave behind may be hard.

One more straightforward way is to use plants and Himalayan salt lamps together. In this case, you need to ensure that they too have adequate distance from each other. The Rock Salt Lamps may be damaging to the plants, especially if they are close. Other than that, they can create an impressive interior environment together. The second option may be to use them in different rooms of the same house.

Rock Salt Lamps

This option allows you to enjoy their benefits together. For example, you can use the plants in the sitting room, where you spend the day. You can put the salt lamps in the bedroom, to boost your sleep and give a nighty feeling.

When it comes to the hard choice between the two, the crystal salt lamps is better for interior design. It is classy and portable. The rock salt lamps are hygroscopic, and they create an efficient nighty light. Finally, one of the most critical factors is their decorative qualities. These lamps give an impressive orange light. The light is efficient for a romantic night, a moody night, or a relaxing night. Real salt lamps are real decorative objects within the house and the offices.

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