7 Common Functions of Excel That You Must Know

Common Functions of Excel

Mastering Excel’s common function is beneficial for anyone and everyone. Microsoft Excel is one of the most used software by persons who is in the field of finance. Even if you are not directly in this field, this is very beneficial to you. This is to make you understand basic things about the excel sheet.

Ways to put data into Excel

There is five easy and most common way to insert basic Excel formulas. Every usage has its advantage, so before you start will the formulas we will make you understand all the methods.

Simple ways to insert data

The easiest way to insert data is by writing it directly on the formula bar. This process begins by writing an equal sign along with the excel function name.  Excel has pop-up facilities in it; it is very intelligent to catch up things that will show. Instead of pressing the enter key, press the tab key to continue to avoid your entre as an error.

Usage of insert function

If someone wants to control their data imputation, do not want automatic pop-up. Excel Insert Function dialogue box is all they required. Select the formula tab and select the insert function, the dialogue box will provide you everything you need to complete your Excel work.

Usage of formula group tab

If you are someone who wants things to be done in a jiffy. Then this is your perfect solution. Go to the formula tab, and select your favorite group, click to show a sub-menu that is full with a lot of function list. Then, select your preferred one from that tab. If you do not find your choice of a group, click to more function to select your choice, it might be hidden there.

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Usage of AutoSum 

AutoSum is very useful for everyday usage. For choosing this option, go to the Home tab, click on AutoSum option, then click on the caret to unhide other formulas. These formulas will really help you to get a job in your life.

Usage of Recently used tabs

If you are doing some task that requires re-typing your formulas again and again, then you can choose the recently used menu. It is just next to AutoSum in the Formula tab.

How to protect cells in excel?

One can lock their specific cells only before they protect the worksheet. To protect the sheet, they need to follow a few steps,

  • Select cells you don’t want to lock
  • Right-click on your choice
  • Select format cells
  • Click on the protection tab
  • Uncheck “locked.”
  • Click OK
  • Go to review>protect sheet
  • Click OK

Doing these steps will protect your cells in Excel. That means will lock your choice of cells, and the status will be editable after this procedure.


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