How to Make Preparing for the SAT Fun and Effective

SAT Fun and Effective

Review sessions are crucial for the SAT. Preparing for the SAT exams enables you to recall the concepts that the questions under the four sections will cover: Reading, Writing and Language, and Math with no calculator and calculator allowed.

However, it does not mean that you have to pore over years of concepts. The best SAT classes in Dubai will help you study only the topics that will be included or covered by the test.

By focusing only on these topics and concepts, you will be able to understand and remember them fully, which will help you greatly during test day.

If math is not your favorite subject or strongest suit, the right SAT prep program will also enable you to go over and understand the topics that gave you a hard time before. Moreover, your tutor will work with you to master the calculations required to select the right answers under this section.

Lastly, a good SAT review program will give you tips and strategies for taking the test. With these techniques and tricks, you will be more confident come exam day and have a better chance of getting a high score.

Learning While Having Fun When Preparing for the SAT

Although studying and reviewing are crucial for acing your SAT, it can be hard to enjoy doing these things.

You will likely get bored reading the same materials and studying new ones every day or so.

However, preparing for the SAT does not mean you can’t have fun and enjoy studying. With the right techniques and activities, you can enjoy learning, reviewing, and mastering the concepts covered by the exam.

More importantly, when you have pleasant memories of your revisions, you will have a better chance of recalling everything you studied and reviewed during the actual exam.

If you want to ensure you are preparing sufficiently for the SAT but want to make the process more enjoyable, here are some ways to do both:

1. Join the right SAT prep class.

A typical SAT prep class has a tutor giving all the review materials and helping the students understand them. This is nearly the same as the learning process you go through in school.

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However, a good program will do more than walk you through the learning materials.

Leading providers of SAT review classes provide a screening process for students to identify their weak and strong areas.

Once the screening process is completed, the tutor will create a study plan that addresses the particular needs of the student.

Additionally, the best SAT prep program has small classroom settings or groups. Because of this, each student gets individualized attention.

A customized approach ensures you get help with your weak areas and build up your strong spots. At the end of your review class, you will be sure that you acquired the knowledge and skills you need to tackle the exam.

Moreover, an individualized approach can help you stay motivated to review and study. That’s because with a generalized study plan, you may end up going through a program that won’t address your specific needs.  

2. Use some SAT apps.

Most teens today rely on their gadgets to research, expand their knowledge, and stay updated. With the right apps, you can also use your device to review and prepare for your SAT.

Some of the best free SAT apps you should download are:

3. SAT Prep

This app, which was designed by Varsity Tutors, has plenty of study materials you can use to prepare for the exam.

This tool allows you to pick subjects and practice materials, including a flashcard deck, to pore over.

With Sat Prep, you can study different concepts, answer diagnostic and practice tests, and use the flashcard deck. Moreover, this app can help you identify your weak areas since its content is broken down by test sections and subject areas when you are done with sample exams.

4. SAT Exam Prep & Practice

This app, which was developed by Magoosh, is another SAT prep tool you need to have on your mobile device.

The free app has plenty of high-quality SAT study materials. There are many practice questions to answer and videos to watch.

This app is a great supplementary tool you can use to prepare for your upcoming exam.

5. Ready4SAT

Developed by Ready4, Inc., Ready4SAT is one of the best SAT prep tools around.

The app has hundreds of practice questions and virtual flashcards. You can also create your own practice tests to check your mastery of the different concepts and sections.

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With this app, you will get help with improving your section test scores since you will get a full explanation for each question. The analytics also allows you to track your strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure, though, that you limit the time you spend using these apps to protect your eyes from blue light throughout your review sessions.

6. Play games.

Studying by playing games is another excellent way to prepare for the SAT exams and have fun at the same time.

If you want to improve your math skills, try Sheppard Software. The website has plenty of educational flash games that cover algebra, geometry, and other topics that appear on the SAT.

It also has a Language Arts section with word games that allow you to achieve mastery in using punctuations and parts of speech.

Quizlet is another website that allows users free access to thousands of flashcard sets, including those covered by the SAT.

When reviewing with your friends, play some games as well. Prepare some flashcards and assign a host to conduct the contest. Compete with each other individually or in groups to boost your recall of everything you have learned so far.

7. Join a study group.

Lastly, joining or creating a SAT study group with your friends and classmates allows you to enjoy several benefits.

For one, you and your group will have a common goal to work towards, which is to get a high SAT score. When you have like-minded people around you, you will be more motivated to do your best.

Moreover, a study group will give you support when you need it, especially when you want to reduce your test prep stress and anxiety.

Aside from engaging in traditional revision activities with your study group, make your sessions with them fun by including some games. Aside from typical question-and-answer brain contests, you can try Jeopardy!-type and Bingo-style competitions.

When you are preparing for the SAT, the last thing you want to happen is to get bored and lose motivation. By finding ways to make studying and reviewing fun, you won’t lose sight of your goals and you will stay driven to work hard to get the score you are aiming for.

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