Pre-Written Research Papers: Pros and Cons

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Students have to write multiple academic assignments and some of them are pretty complex. For example, writing research papers may induce multiple complications. This piece of writing demands your attention, in-depth knowledge, great analytical and critical thinking skills, effective time management, and so on. Therefore, the project is responsible and complex.

Many students cannot handle it properly and so, seek a research paper for sale. They know about professional research writing websites like, which easily write all types of academic assignments. Nevertheless, you should depend on your own knowledge and skills as well. Using the guide composed by our professional writers, you’ll learn how to successfully fulfill research papers on any topic and discipline. Besides, we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of pre-written research papers.

Reasons to Start Early

Some students don’t want to wait too long and prefer to begin the most complex assignments early. It’s done to beat the time limit every assignment has. Students are afraid that they start too late and so, will violate the deadline. What are the potential benefits? Check the following points:

  • Provides more time for proper research;
  • Lessens stress related to time limitations;
  • Helps to discover more details about your research;
  • Allows for rewriting your paper several times;
  • Provides an opportunity to improve after your supervisor checks the assignment.

Why You Should Delay?

Pre-written assignments provide you with more time to assess what you’ve already done and improve what’s wrong. In the meanwhile, writing beforehand may induce some difficulties as well. One of such is exhaustion. If you start early, you work longer on the project. A student may spend a lot of time and strength on writing a research paper and simply become tired.

It’s necessary to remember that there are other assignments. If you devote plenty of time to a single project, there will be no time left to fulfill other essays, laboratory reports, case studies, etc. Therefore, it may be better to begin when you used to and not beforehand.

Define the Difference Between a Research Paper and a Research Proposal

Prior to telling how to write a research paper, you should fully understand how it differs from a research proposal. These two papers are carried out the same way and are presented differently. A research paper demonstrates the knowledge of a student about a concrete subject, topic, problem, etc. A proposal is written to convince potential investors that a certain scientific idea has bright perspectives and so, it’s worth a try. A proposal is a proposition to initiate a project. A research paper is a finished product.

Writing the Paper

Now, we’ll briefly highlight the appropriate way to write a research paper. Firstly, know the instructions. Make sure you understand what your academic supervisor expects from you. Secondly, memorize the main sections of your research paper. You have no right to skip a single section. The main parts are:

  • The title. It provides general information about your project. It includes your name, academic subject, the project’s name, your academic supervisor and educational institution, collaborators (if there are any), and the date.
  • Abstract. It’s a brief summary of the entire project, which is stated beforehand. If provides the main point of your research and its outcomes.
  • Introduction. This section sheds light on the main question of your project. You should tell why it’s important and provide reasons to conduct the study.
  • Materials. It highlights all the materials you’ve used to complete the assignment.
  • Methodology. This section gives a full record of the steps you’ve undertaken to complete the study. Use a point form and tell why you’ve chosen these particular methods.
  • Discussion. It interprets the outcomes of your research. It’s possible to mention some limits and/or challenges you’ve faced.
  • Conclusion. You should make a short summary of the paper once again. Restate its topic and main purpose. Afterward, explain what the outcomes mean.
  • References. Mention all other authors whose scientific and literary works you’ve used to finish your paper.

Before you begin to make research and write, choose a topic. It’s supposed to be relevant to your audience and focus on an important issue. You should study the problem and provide clear solutions or at least provide the most important facts about it describing its value.

Afterward, gather information and refine it. Depending on what information will be used in your assignment, create an outline. When you write a thesis statement, combine it with the introduction. Make sure all the next sections are related to it.

Memorize these points because they are universal for completing a perfect research paper. Obligatorily take into account the pros and cons highlighted by our experts. They may convince you to write a research paper beforehand or make you refuse this decision. It’s up to you to decide which strategy is better.

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