Wrestlemania: 7 Smashing Hulk Facts for Hulkamania Fans

Wrestlemania: 7 Smashing Hulk Facts for Hulkamania Fans

“Let me tell you something, brother.” Those famous words are etched into the minds of wrestling fans all over the world.

Hulk Hogan has been, and will likely forever be, one of the most infamous wrestlers in the history of the sport.

But how much do you really know about him? Many people just know the basics.

Here are 7 Hulk facts that will make you even more interested in this already interesting man!

1. His Real Name Is Terry

Although many of his fans know him as Hulk Hogan, this famous wrestler’s real name is Terry Bollea. He was born in Augusta, Georgia in 1953. His father, Pietro, worked as a foreman and his mother, Ruth, worked as a dance teacher.

Hulk Hogan has French, Italian, Scottish, and Panamanian ancestry.

2. His First Wrestling Hero Was Dusty Rhodes

Every person that has been interested in wrestling has their own favorite wrestler. This includes the kids that grow up to become famous wrestlers themselves!

Hogan started to love wrestling from a young age. The first wrestler that really caught his eye was Dusty Rhodes, also known as The American Dream. As soon as Hogan saw this wrestler, he couldn’t get enough of the sport.

Once Hogan noticed the superstar wrestler Billy Graham, he knew he loved wrestling. This dream helped him hone his skills and get training to become the legend he is today.

3. He Was Scouted by Professional Baseball Teams

Although a lot of people know Hulk Hogan for his wrestling prowess, he also was an excellent baseball player in his teen years. He had outstanding pitching skills and was scouted by the New York Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds.

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He was set to start playing baseball in the big leagues until he got an injury at the age of 16. This caused him to give up on baseball permanently and focus on other important parts of his life.

4. He Dropped out of College to Play Music

Hulk Hogan had a passionate love for music from an early age. He plays the bass guitar, and when he was in college, he decided to drop out early to be able to play music full-time.

While in college, Hogan studied Business Management at the University of South Florida. When he realized this was not the right path for him, he made the choice to focus on music instead.

5. He Had a Huge Appetite as a Teenager

As a teen, Hulk Hogan was much bigger than his peers. Because of this, he ate more too! He often felt he stuck out like a sore thumb when compared to the rest of the kids his age.

A typical breakfast would be 10 eggs, .75 lbs of hamburger meat, and a quart of orange juice. This would contain a lot of the vitamins and protein he needed to keep up his stamina.

By the time he was a senior in high school, he was 6 foot 7 inches tall and weighed right around 300 pounds.

6. He Wasn’t Always Hulk Hogan

The first wrestling match that Terry Bollea wrestled in was in 1977 for CWF.

Before he was Hulk Hogan, other names were Terry Boulder, Super Destroyer, and Sterling Gordon.

Hulk was chosen as his name after it was noticed that he was larger than Lou Ferrigno, the actor that played The Incredible Hulk at the time. Hogan is a traditionally Irish name and this was picked as the latter half of his stage name due to lack of representation of this community in wrestling at the time.

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7. He Has Won… A Lot

Hulk Hogan is a winner and that is the reason so many of us know his name. He has appeared in eight different final matches at Wrestle Mania.

He also has held the WWF World Heavyweight title on six occasions, World Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title six times, and the World Wrestling Entertainment World Tag Team one time.

In 2005, Hulk Hogan was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame by Sylvester Stallone.

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Hulk Facts for All Hulkamaniacs

Now that you know some more Hulk facts, you can double check everything using a legitimate facts collection website and you can see that this man has done a lot in his lifetime and career. He has made a lasting impact on people across the globe.

If you would like to get some more information on how to make your career as successful as Hulk Hogans, be sure to check out our blog post on career mistakes to avoid.

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