Navigating New York City Dating

New York City Dating

Did you know that New York was ranked the best city to date in the country? That said, finding love in the city that never sleeps can be quite a sport. It doesn’t need to be, though. This article gives you tips on how to navigate the dating scenes in the big apple. Also if you just want to hookup, you can checkout NYC hook ups and get yourself sorted. With, that said, let’s see what is involved in navigating the New York dating scene.

How to find a date

Before you can start dating, you need to find a date. Finding someone essentially entails activities and measures that expose you to many different people.

The first step to finding a date is to establish your why and know what you want. With over 50% of the city’s population single, there are plenty of options. Your choices range from those who have never been married, divorced, and even widowed persons. 

Knowing what you want will eventually help you meet the right people. Are you looking for something long-term or short-term? What is your preference in terms of gender? Are you looking to marry or just someone to have fun and spend time with? Whatever your choice, rest assured there is someone out there for you. 

The next step is focusing internally. Most times, when looking for partners, we tend to make the other person our primary focus. However, this method is not as effective. When you switch the concentration back to you, you bring the power to yourself.

That means that you are working with something you can control. As the saying goes, when you put yourself at the top of the to-do list, everything else falls in place. If you are looking for someone fun, focus on being a fun person yourself. Make subtle changes to yourself that reflect on what you would want in a partner. You could start working out, dress slightly better, or even work on having a likable personality.

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The last item on the “finding a date” checklist is putting yourself out there. Most people, especially introverts, talk about wanting to date while making zero effort to find someone. Your idea of a perfect partner will not magically appear at your doorstep. 

As such, you need to strategically position yourself to find them or be found by them. Some of the familiar places you could meet people include the workplace, restaurant or clubs. You might even get a gym membership and find someone there. 

Your friends, colleagues, or family may also introduce you to potential partners. Do your friends know you are looking for someone to date? Are you willing to be introduced to them? See this link to see some ideas of things you can do while on a date in New York.   

If you are finding it hard to meet someone through all the face-to-face methods, go online. Online dating apps are your number one go-to place to find the right fit in a partner. 57% of Americans who have used online dating apps say they had a great experience. 

The apps help you find someone from the comfort of where you are. The best part is that people’s profiles are customized. Therefore, you will not need to go on tens of different dates with different people to find exactly what you are looking for. You only need to sign up and set up your profile. The person you are looking for might be on the other end of the screen. 

Date activities in New York

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After finding a partner, the next natural thing is to go out on dates with them. They provide a perfect opportunity to get to know a person better while having fun. There are thousands of activities to do in the city ranging from traditional candle-lit dinners to fun outdoors. Some of the things you could do include:

  • Food-focuses date: food tours, foraging at Prospect Park, cooking classes, Pub crawling, or trying out a food truck.
  • Relaxed outdoors: visit Brooklyn Botanic Garden, indoor markets, jazz parlors, stargazing, or look for trivia nights.
  • Adventure: play ping pong, graffiti lessons, helicopter rides, dancing, rock climbing, concerts, or comedy shows. Click here 

Dating in the big apple is a great experience. The city is filled with so many fun and exciting activities to do. Finding a partner is also quite simple if you know exactly what you are looking for in a partner and where to look. If you decide to go the online dating way, ensure you keep an open mind with an equal measure of precaution.

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