The Importance of Online Reviews For Attorneys

Reviews For Attorneys

When was the last time you purchased a major product on the web without going through the customer review? In today’s time, where technology has encapsulated our attention, number ratings and thumbs up are important for everything. Even if you consider a conventional book, it will have several reviews on Amazon. So how does it make a difference to you when you think of hiring an attorney? According to recent research, around 80% of people will go through the lawyer reviews for attorneys before hiring one.

What are Online Reviews?

Long story cut short, reviews for a lawyer will be any kind of feedback on the web. This means they could be positive or negative reviews, ranging from former clients to colleagues in the industry. Today, because everyone has access to smartphones and the web, people have a strong say in everything and won’t shy away from explaining their views. Therefore, these voices will either be in the form of ravishing reviews or negative reviews explaining the bad experience of working with a certain attorney.

Does Your Firm Need Online Reviews?

In simple words, yes! Every firm needs online reviews in today’s time. If you don’t know, reviews allow potential clients to decide whether or not to purchase your product or service. Because your firm is actively involved in providing legal services to the clients, you’re not the only one operating in the industry. With more than 20 million lawyers serving actively across the globe, clients have a plethora of options to choose from. So if your firm doesn’t have a strong net reputation on the web, it will be hard for you to grab the audience’s attention.

Today online reviews play a huge role in shaping the final decision of the client. Approximately 83% of people will go through the lawyer reviews in the beginning when looking for an attorney. Around 70% will be willing to attend the attorney’s office if the reviews are ravishing. This means a law firm has to be hands-on with getting positive customer reviews on the web. On the contrary, even if you are the most sought-after law firm out there but fail to get impressive reviews from the clients, it will be hard to grab clients in the future.

How to Get Positive Reviews?

If you want positive reviews on your firm and make it stand out, you need to take the following steps:

You must provide direct access from the website to your office.

You must always respond to negative reviews, as it is a good way to convert them into positive reviews.

You must provide monthly giveaways to the clients, as it makes them feel valued.

The law firm should have an active presence on social media because it has over 3.5 billion active users.

You must introduce your team to prospective clients, so they can rest assured about the veracity of your services.

Being active while responding to customer queries will prove that your firm is proactive and willing to solve issues.

Most importantly, you would also want to engage with the clients and help them sift through whatever situation they are in. On the other hand, it is best if you provide a free quote to the clients. Because many firms charge prospective clients during the very first consultation. Your law firm can stand out by providing a free quote. If the prospective clients are satisfied, they will give a positive review on the website. This will eventually compel prospective clients to choose your law firm. Once you manage to grab new clients, you can help them to the fullest and retain them in the long run. 


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