Mags, Rims, Hubcaps and Other Ways to Customize Your Car


Are you thinking of leveling up the aesthetics of your car? Customize Your Car wheels’ look is a surefire way of improving your vehicle if you do not want to engage in drastic measures like repainting it. When it comes to upgrading your tires, some of the most popular methods are opting for mags wheels and converting them to high-class rims. Customers can also cover their rims with hubcaps or redesign their choice of rubber for their tires. 

Going for mags

Rims and mags are often interchanged by many people. However, the former generally refers to wheels made of aluminium and magnesium, while the latter specifically denotes the wheel’s outer edge, which holds it in place.

Mags wheels are the preferred tyre material for luxury vehicles nowadays due to their strength. Unlike pure metals, they are lighter. This feature allows wheels to have better grip ability and move in the road with much ease. It also enables the wheels to save on fuel since they reduce tyre friction. 

Another reason why mags are preferred by high-end car manufacturers is their stellar performance in heat conduction. As a result, cars that have alloy mags seldom encounter problems with their brakes. The heat caused by friction often dissipates easily on this material, thus, reducing car damages caused by overheating. Furthermore, mags have sleeker and more eye-catching styles than their other counterparts. Most mags are corrosion-resistant and can withstand the test of time. 

Due to these features, mags are often not included as a standard part. However, you can request to upgrade your wheels to alloy mags. Manufacturers often install bolts on them to prevent them from being stolen by thieves due to their valuableness. Wheels that go through the process of forging are often the flashiest type, and they are typically used by expensive vehicles.

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Aside from buying forged alloy mags, consumers can also consider getting tru-spinner wheels. These alloy mags are uniquely able to spin backward, instead of the usual front-spinning mechanism of regular wheels.  

Upgrading your rims

If you want a mid-range upgrade of your car’s outer exterior, getting flamboyant rims is the way to go. One of the best rim designs that you can find in the market is a finish made of chrome. They are popular not just for their shiny look, but also for their durability. Chrome rims are electroplated, so they can take on uneven roads. As such, you can travel on rugged terrains in style.

Another popular option among car enthusiasts is between gunmetal or black finish. Both of these designs can customize your Car with glossy, matte, or satin layers. Those who prefer natural-looking rims can also opt for a milled finish, which highlights its natural metal look. All of these rims will look good on any car. As such, choosing which style is just a matter of preference. 

Installing hubcaps 

Hubcaps are wheel accessories that are typically made of plastics or metals. They are designed to act as a decorative cover for the entire wheel or just its central part. Those who cannot afford to buy alloy wheels often opt for hubcaps when upgrading their wheels’ aesthetics. With less than a hundred dollars, you can easily dress up and elevate your wheels’ look.

Aside from their cosmetic value, they can also prolong the lifespan of the rim by protecting its nuts and bolts from corrosion. Additionally, they also cover the wheel from rocks and other forms of dirt that may cause damage.

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Other ways of levelling up car wheels

Another way of upgrading your car’s look is to customize your Car your wheel tyres. For instance, you can switch to slicks, which will give your car a racing look. Aside from their unique design, they are also a good option for improving your car’s grip performance. Though they are made from softer materials, they do not deform easily compared to traditional rubber tires. They are also very durable in the face of harsh weather conditions.  

Additionally, those who want to make their car stand out can consider upsizing their cars’ tyres. Tyres with larger diameters make sports utility vehicles and other 4WDs look more like a force to be reckoned with on the road.  

Beautifying your car wheels is an awesome way to improve the overall look of your car. You can opt for luxurious mags or simply install cost-effective hubcaps to improve their aesthetics. Conversely, you can also change your rubber tyres to make it look sleeker. When it comes to levelling up your car’s look, a little modification can go a long way. 

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