7 Expert Tips to Boost Your Vehicles Horsepower and Torque

Boost Your Vehicles

How do you increase the horsepower of vehicles? For those of you into automobile-mechanics or science or both, the answer would be pretty simple. H=T * rpm/5252. Then you’ll go on to explain how ‘T’ is the torque and ‘rpm’ is rotations per minute, and how you need to increase either one or both to increase the Vehicles Horsepower.

From the formula mentioned above, it’s pretty clear what your line of action needs to be – you somehow need to increase the torque or RPM of your vehicle. How to practically achieve that, you ask?

Well, we have not one but seven answers for you – seven methods that stem from the science of Vehicles Horsepower and torque. They are as follows:

1. Upgrade the Internal Combustion Engine with a CAI System

Your engine takes in and burns outside air with fuel for producing power. However, what it uses is the oxygen from this air. CAI (Cold Air Intake) Systems intake cold air from the surroundings to mix it with fuel and burn this mixture.

Cold air means denser air since the molecules are closer to each other, and denser air means more oxygen. Since you provide more oxygen, the engine will have more oxygen and produce more power.

2. Increase the Throttle Body’s Diameter

The throttle body is responsible for regulating the supply of airflow going into the engine. From the previous method, it’s clear that air is taken in for oxygen. Thus, more oxygen means more power. And another great way to increase this oxygen level is simply to supply your engine with more air.

A throttle body can have custom made flaps of bigger sizes that will then intake more air than before. That will help you achieve higher torque and, in turn, greater Vehicles Horsepower.

3. Exhaust Headers Keep the Poison Out

Your vehicle emits toxins that are supposed to be blown out. This is the responsibility of exhaust manifolds that come as factory-fitted with a brand-new car. However, if cheap parts are used by the automaker, these systems will lack efficiency.

Exhaust headers make it easy for these manifolds to pass out the toxic air and keep your engine safe. They move out harmful air faster and in turn increase both rpm and torque of the vehicle.

Exhaust Headers

4. Upgrade to High Flow Catalytic Converters

They reduce harmful emissions much faster than any other exhaust mods you use. They increase the overall flow of air within the engine by creating chemical reactions between metals and the exhaust of the vehicle. This increases your RPM which ultimately increases your Vehicles Horsepower.

5. Add Performance High-Flow Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

They increase the overall airflow by providing more freedom of flow since they’re placed just behind the catalytic convertors. Your factory-fit exhaust pipes and mufflers will pale in performance compared to what these systems can give you – a much higher RPM and an increase of around 25 hp depending on the kind of pipe you buy.

If you own a diesel car, there’s various diesel warehouses and their experts can give you invaluable advice on what to buy. Most of them ship and have various branches across the country. You can check out stores like Canadian Diesel Online. They have direct fit exhaust kits for Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke. Whether you’ve got a diesel relic or a shiny rig they’ve got you covered. 

6. Recalibrate Engine Management

Performance Chips as well as Power Programmers have a lot of built-in protocols pertaining to overall flow and emissions that limit your engine power. Modifying these chips or custom programming the engine allows you to open up new possibilities of speed and horsepower like never before.

They’re also easy to implement since they’re usually plug-n-play. Once you plug the chip in, you’ll see customization options and you can choose according to your requirement.

7. Compress the Flowing Air

Turbochargers and Superchargers compress the air that flows into your engine. This results in a higher density of air which in turn produces more oxygen for the engine to burn. You can increase the torque and horsepower by a whopping 50% if you choose the right charger.

Wrapping up

If there’s one thing we can conclude from these methods, it’s that all of them revolve around better airflow and circulation of the system. Therefore, the trick to increase the power of your vehicle is to manipulate the flow of this air. That is because you can call the driving process a push-in, push-out of airflow, pretty much like human breathing. 

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