5 Reasons to Ride Motorcycles Instead of Cars

5 Reasons to Ride Motorcycles Instead of Cars

There are about a million reasons as to why anyone would prefer riding a motorbike instead of driving a car. Some of these may all range from practicality to passion. Nevertheless, it’s that higher calling that compels most people to ride their bikes, whether big or small. The balancing in itself is one of those few things that they forgot to inscribe in the Guinness World Book of Records, or they did. Weighing down on that two-wheeled work of art and being one with it isn’t something to take for granted. To skip the mumbo jumbo, here are 5 reasons to ride motorcycles instead of cars.

  1. To Beat the Economy

Those big six-piston fuel guzzlers aren’t economical one bit. Even finding a parking spot for them is a challenge in itself. But with a motorcycle, it’s a walk in the park. You don’t require being a master at parallel parking. In comparison to their fuel consumption, motorcycles are more economical in other ways. Even in terms of maintenance and all, motorcycles are way better at that. A 250cc motorbike will give you a better standing financially than a Toyota Corolla engine. You’ll also realize that the spare parts from a site such as solomonpart.com will cost you less the amount you’d spend on a vehicle.

  1. Freedom

Freedom baby! Knowing that you can handle whatever type of terrain gives you some mobility freedom. In addition to this, you’ll get your nod of approval from all the other motorcycle riders out there. This means that owning a motorbike automatically grants you membership into one of those exclusive clubs. You just get on your bike, no luggage, no baggage, and it’s just you and your two wheels on the open road.

  1. The adrenaline
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Going at 120km/h with all that wind gushing against the helmet is quite an experience. There are those who ride them for the fun of it, but others for the rush. Depending on the horsepower of your motorcycle engine, it just gives you the excitement and the thrill of a kind.

  1. To save time

In most of the major cities, the roads are usually a nightmare, you’ll just have to contend with the traffic. For everyday transportation, getting from point A to point B is actually easier and faster than with a car. It’s actually the most viable option for you to get to work on time.

  1. It can be romantic

There’s no way you are going to hold hands the entire trip while in the car. This is actually not safe. With a motorcycle, however, you’ll find it hard not to reconcile with your partner. For two love birds, this is perhaps the best transportation tool you can ever have. It will require you to hold on and not just that, but hold on tight.

So, why not ditch your car and feel the rush? One thing though, don’t forget to wear your helmet and other protective gear. It’s also very important to ensure that you’ve had the proper training to ride a motorcycle.

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