All You Need to Know About Chainsaw Chains

chainsaw chains

When you are using chainsaws regularly for various purposes, at one point, you might need to change its chains. And before you go out and buy, you must have basic knowledge about it. When you are not familiar with a chainsaw and its parts, obtaining one might leave you confused and unaware of what to look for.

People who are knowledgeable about chainsaws often refer to the chainsaw chains pitch. The said pitch refers to the distance between three rivets sitting next to each other. They are measured in inches, and the mentioned measurement is indicative of the chain’s overall size.

Getting to know the chain sizes

When it comes to sizes, it is essential to note that the pitch comes in various sizes, with 0.325 and ⅜ inches as the most popular sizes. The pitch is relevant because the more extensive its size is, the heavier and bigger the chain is. ⅜ inches is a popular size because it is an excellent compromise between cutting speed, strength, flexibility, and weight. Some people are wondering if 0.325 inches pitch means a superior model. According to experts, the said size does not indicate superior quality as most of the efficient saws even run on smaller chains. In the same vein, a shorter chain can also mean higher speed and more excellent cutting performance.

Chain Gauge: Does it matter?

The chainsaw’s gauge refers to its drive link thickness. The drive link is the one where the saw’s guide bar groove fits. Just like the pitch, the gauge is measured in inches, with 0.063, 0.058, and 0.05 inches as the chainsaw owner’s gauge size choices. Among these three-gauge sizes, 0.05 inches is the most popular. The gauge matters because larger gauge sizes mean stronger and heavier chains. And since weight can affect performance, larger gauge sizes also mean slower chainsaw performance. If you want better performance, a smaller gauge is your best bet. However, the downside of this is you will not get a very durable and robust product.

Different kinds of chainsaw chains

The chainsaw chains determine the configuration and number of its cutting teeth. The kind that has the greatest number of cutting teeth is the standard class. If you are looking for a chainsaw that can-do best in small cuts, the best chainsaw type that can deliver smoothest and fastest cuts are those with three arrangements. If you perform a lot of limbing, you can go for those bars with medium or short lengths.

The full skip chain type usually has cutting teeth that are evenly spread out. This type is ideal for long-cutting. The semi-skip type, on the other hand, is a good compromise between the full-skip and standard chain versions. 50% of the cutters are evenly spread like the full skip type, while the other 50% are placed close together. As such, they are considered the most versatile chain type.

The Takeaway

Knowing the basics about the chainsaw, its chains, and parts can change the way you use and purchase your tools. Aside from knowing the most widely used options, you also get to understand how they are used and how well they can perform. With such knowledge, your tool purchase will no longer be based on the brand name but more from a piece of reliable information.

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