Background Checks Companies should Conduct when Hiring New Employees

employment credit check

Carrying out a background check on job candidates is the final step companies always carry out when hiring a new employee. The background checks are not only done on new employees but existing employees as well. This is to ensure that the employees have no questionable character that could someday put the company in a tight situation. Here are the different ways employees could be screened.

National police check Australia carries out detailed analysis on potential candidates who are applying for a job in a company. These background checks help to determine the most suitable candidate for a job position in companies that value their reputation.

Criminal check

A criminal check record is one of the most popularly used background screening tools. With criminal checks, there are several types of criminal searches that could bring out vital information about the candidate.

Though not all candidates need to pass through the criminal screening search process, not all employers always take the chances as some of them tend to carry out a well-detailed search.

With the help of technology and some latest tools, national police check Australia can come out with well-detailed information and all employers need to know about potential candidates companies want to employ.

Reference check

The reference check technique is used worldwide and it is all about letting employers speak with the former bosses of the employee who could give out key facts or information about the candidate’s personality.

Employment credit checks

The employment credit check is a compulsory screening that is always carried out on candidates. It aids to decide if the candidate is financially liable or not. The screening does not involve a debt service ratio or affect a person’s credit score. All it does is an aid in checking how financially responsible the candidate is.

Resume verification

There have been several scenarios where candidates fill any information on their resume just to get attention and impress the employer. Some of the information filled may be questioned. Verifying the education and employment of the candidate is what employers always do especially by contacting the important persons listed on the resume like former employers and school administrators.

Social Media checks

Social media is another valuable screening tool that could help to reveal a lot about the personality of the candidate. Things like the behavioral patterns of the candidate which may not be revealed during the interview could be shown.


These background checks are some of the elementary and most essential types of checks that companies should investigate before hiring a candidate. Professional agencies know the essence of these checks and use the latest tools and technology to make sure that the chosen candidates are the perfect fit for the job and the company. Not just in terms of educational qualifications and experience but a candidate with the right personality as well. Any business can only succeed when resources are invested in the right people.

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