10 Best Reasons To Be Self-Employed

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Working for yourself sounds great. Imagine not having to follow anyone’s orders anymore and taking full control of your life. It is possible though! More and more people are making the switch from being an employee to being their own boss. If you are one of those people who would like to be self-employed, these ten best reasons might encourage you finally take the first step.

Follow no one but yourself

When you are self-employed, you become your own boss. That alone is a very empowering reason to be self-employed. Doesn’t it feel good to not have to impress or work for someone anymore? You are also saved from dealing with difficult bosses who dictate your every move most of the time. You become in control of your work and everything that you do. Although entrepreneurship isn’t always all its hyped up to be. Saka Nuru discusses the glitz and glam of entrepreneurship on his podcast Saka’s Is That So, along with other things you might find useful as a self-employed worker.

Work whenever, wherever

Being self-employed makes you privileged when it comes to choosing a routine that works for you best. You don’t have to keep looking at your watch anymore just to see how many hours you have worked already. You can set your own schedule and start working at any time you prefer. Self-employment also means you can work from anywhere you want, whether it is in your home or somewhere else. You can have your very own working space in your room. Or if you want to switch it up, you can also work outdoors at the cafe, the park, or the local library. It’s all up to you!

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Dynamic workflow

You can enjoy a dynamic workflow and variety if you are self-employed. You continually adapt and learn, in contrast to having a boring, monotonous office life by learning new skills and adapting to new software like contract management software to make efficient use of your time and making your workflow easier and quicker. You are forced to use your creativity every day which enhances and puts your skills to use. This may seem a bit challenging, but it promises growth.

Control your resources

When you are working for someone else, you give them your time in exchange for some profit. But this is not the case when you are self-employed. You have full control over your career, time, and income. You realize your worth and value as well. In turn, you also have the freedom to choose to invest time in yourself.

Spend less, save more

Working at the comfort of your home means less going out and spending money. Sometimes, you just cannot help but be invited to after-work dinners, drinks, or parties. You might also find yourself unable to say no to your co-workers in this case. But by being self-employed, you can avoid these kinds of impulse spending. You can manage your income well. Not only that, but you can reduce additional expenses such as gas or transportation costs.

No office drama

Office drama can be toxic and drain the life out of you. Thankfully, you can avoid this when you are self-employed. Useless and trivial gossips tend to distract you from being productive and fully concentrating on your work. If you are someone who focuses and works better alone and in silence, self-employment might work best for you. You can finally say goodbye to co-workers who like to talk about people behind their backs.

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Work-life balance

Self-employment provides you with so much flexibility. A kind of flexibility you might not be able to achieve if you are a regular employee. For example, you might miss certain occasions and family gatherings because of your work. If you are self-employed, you can achieve a healthy and balanced life by making more time for your family and friends as well as yourself. You can also manage both your personal and professional obligations even better.

Stress less

Commuting and getting stuck in traffic for hours can drain the productivity from you. It consumes your time and the remaining energy you have left. This can be very tiring and frustrating. Plus, you have to deal with the stress from the work itself. You can avoid all this if you are self-employed.

Wear whatever you want

There are some days you just want to lounge in your T-shirt and denims. However, if you go to the office, you have to look your best and follow the mandatory dress code. Oftentimes, the office uniform involves uncomfortable business suits and formal attires. But if you work for yourself, you can choose whatever you want to wear. You do not have to suit up and you can just stay as casual as possible. Being self-employed also gives you the comfort and freedom to express yourself through your style.

Follow your passion

Self-employment gives you the time and opportunity to follow your passion. Get reacquainted with the things you love doing or what you have always wanted to be. You can make time for your hobbies and personal activities even more. Whatever your passion is, you can further explore it when you are self-employed.

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