The most common uses for Synthetic urine

The most common uses for Synthetic urine

Synthetic urine, also known as fake urine is very common lab-grade urine that is made synthetically to help people pass urine tests. With fake pee, you are assured of the same PH balance as would be available in natural urine and this ensures that you will not test positive for substances. The fake pee is a mixture of urea and can come in powder form or even in liquid form. What happens is that when one is asked for urine for testing, they will just pour the synthetic urine into the cup provided and give this sample to be tested. Synthetic urine such as quick fix 6.2 comes pre-tested and therefore guarantees the user that they will pass the tests.

Now, are there other uses of synthetic pee? Is it only used in the sports industry or are there other applications of this product? Well, there are other uses that this urine can be bought for. We shall discuss some of these uses here.

Here are the most common uses of synthetic urine:

Used to calibrate testing equipment

When a company wants to calibrate their equipment for testing urine, they will not do so by the use of real urine. The human urine cannot be suitably used for this purpose and as such, the artificial urine is used due to the fact that it has a formula that helps in this activity. Therefore, urinalysis laboratories will use fake urine for this purpose.

Alternative medicine or cosmetology

Real urine is sometimes used for medicinal or cosmetic needs. Urine therapy is a common alternative in cosmetics and since it may not always be a suitable thing to use, synthetic urine comes in handy. The fact that one is aware that they are using synthetic urine makes the therapy easy on their psychological stability as they try the therapies. This fake urine is used for this therapy because it has the same composition as real human urine.

Used for testing diapers

The artificial urine is also used in the diaper industries. To test the diapers and their effectiveness, the companies that manufacture diapers will use this urine to test their diapers. Human urine is always not going to be an option for this industry and the fake urine comes in handy.

Used to test cleansing agents

Fake urine is used by marketers and salesmen selling cleansing agents. You see, the fake urine is used as a stain and in that case, the cleaning agent is used to remove the stains thus created.  It would not be practical for the marketers and salesmen to use human pee to demonstrate how the stains are removed. Therefore, the fake urine is used as it has the same characteristics and odor just like human urine.

Adult games and pranking

It is important that pranks about urine are made through a liquid that smells and looks like a real human pee.  As such, for one to prank friends on wetting of beds or clothes, this kind of liquid is used. There are actually many other ways that the fake urine could be used to suit different situations and needs.

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