Best Things To Do In Tamborine Mountain With Kids

Best Things To Do In Tamborine Mountain With Kids

One of the gems in Queensland, Tamborine Mountain is located in the Gold Coast hinterland 63 km away from Brisbane Mount Tamborine. This lush landscape offers multiple outdoor attractions, manicured gardens, natural scenery, and shops. When planning a getaway with the kids, below are things you can do in Tamborine Mountain. Just to be safe, every time you’re taking your kids out for vacation, it is recommended to bring personal GPS tracking devices no monthly fee to keep track of everyone’s real-time location.

Thunderbird Park

This is a fun location for the whole family with a range of activities for everyone including golf, horse riding, treetop challenges, and thunderegg fossicking. Thunderegg is a lava lump with colored ash layers and you can visit its mine whenever you can every weekend. The kids will love scrambling around rocky slopes with their little buckets and pickaxes. It is a thrilling experience for the kids especially if they manage to discover some thunderegg eggs.

Horse Riding Hinterland

This is another outdoor activity for the family at Thunderbird Park. There is a chance to take a half-hour trail ride with horse riding hinterland. Your children over seven will love this experience especially if it’s their first horse riding experience. The little kids might not go on the trail ride but can enjoy a ride around the grass. Everyone will love with the experience and the kids will always be looking forward to doing it again.

Glow Worm Caves

A visit to Cedar Creek Estate is among the best Mt Tamborine things to do for a chance to check out the man-made glow worm cave. This is safe for the kids to access and opens during the day without having to wait for a night tour. This short tour is a wonderful thing to do with the kids. You can as well check out Frog Hollow for its various frogs in glass cases. To make your tour longer, check out the lake filled with ducks or grab some beverages from the café. All these will make your kids always looking forward to the next Mt. Tamborine holiday.

Gallery Walk

This is a wonderful location lined with shops selling crafts, arts, food, and drinks. Your kids will love the German Cuckoo Clock Nest. This is a traditional style German chalet shop with various cuckoo clocks on sale. The Flights of Fancy is a perfect shop for your daughters for its fairies, princesses, and mermaids. You are likely to spend about an hour still checking out the range of items available.

If you finally manage to drag the kids out of the shops, there is a lot of adults to indulge in as well. There is Castle Glen Tamborine Mountain Cellars is filled with multiple delicious wines and liqueurs produced locally by the same brand. There is a wide range of 100 percent natural, chemical, and preservative-free beers, spirits, wines, and fortified wines. You can as well get some delicious chocolate-based liqueurs.

Botanic Gardens

For kids who love gardens, a visit to the Botanic Gardens at Tamborine Mountain will make a pleasant experience. The kids will love spending hours walking around plants while exploring the tracks. There is also an opportunity to play pooh sticks in the water while standing on the little bridge. The Botanic Gardens are a wonderful destination for a family picnic while enjoying the view. This place is open every day with free entry although donations are welcome.

Cedar Creek Rock Pools

This is a breathtaking section of the park accessible through Mt. Tamborine Road after turning off to Cedar Creek Falls Road. This is after the information map stopping bay to the left. You will find a beautiful picnic spot for the family beyond the car park. There is a sealed walking track below the lush tropical forest with tall Cedar trees and Strangler Figs. You can’t miss the clear and delightful pools and waterfall with freshwater flowing into the falls throughout the year.


This is an opportunity for a more tranquil experience spending hours in the rainforest canopies. Departing for the trip is at the Eco Gallery before encountering local flora and fauna. You have to follow an elevated route that gradually ascends to the upper canopies before sloping down to the lower canopy. Your kids will love seeing pristine rock pools and butterflies. The highlight of the trip is the 40-meter long Cantilever spanning 30-meters above the valley. This breathtaking tour is pram friendly and takes about an hour with kids below six not requiring a ticket.

Final thoughts

Taking a vacation with kids is a wonderful experience to catch up on lost times. Tamborine Mountain is a wonderful destination and has immense outdoor activities for the kids and adults. Your kids will enjoy horse riding, watching glow worms, touring the Botanical Garden, and doing some shopping along the way. For its endless activities and attractions, your kids will always be looking forward to the next visit to Tamborine Mountain.

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