Quick Guide: Mistakes Made With Jewelry Display Cases

Mistakes Made With Jewelry Display Cases

Fine and elegant jewelry can best be admired in the best jewelry displays, but making mistakes with the cases can easily make them look inferior or affect them in different ways. It is amazing how many people will know a lot about the jewelry itself but very little about the cases in which they keep them, yet they are just as important as finding the right kind of jewelry.

There are some mistakes that professional jewelers and the common people who collect them just to show off make. You may be making some of these mistakes so read on to see if your best jewelry displays are perfect or you have some work to do to get them the way they should be.

Choosing the Wrong Case

Just like different phones may have their back cases and you cannot fit apples into an egg tray, jewelry have particular cases. There are different types of jewelry, some are for the ears, some for the fingers and others for the neck. The different places where they are put will determine their shape and size so the display cases for these have to be designed to suit their dimensions.

Most people are more interested in getting a box to keep their jewelry and they do not take the time to choose the appropriate case. Some jewelry cases are for rings and others for necklaces and so on. There are also some that are intended for all with compartments for each item. You need to focus on this detail so that you can effectively show off your jewelry.

Poor Lighting

It is important that the light is just right for the jewelry. Some pieces of jewelry shine really bright while some need to be illuminated. A mistake many jewelers make is to have a one size fits all approach to the lighting of their jewelry cases. The problem here is that if the lighting is too much when people look at a piece that also reflects a lot of light, it will become blinding and no one will be able to appreciate the true beauty of that piece of jewelry. It is even possible to cause headache and put people off admiring the piece altogether. On the other hand, if the lighting in the display is too little, some jewelry pieces will not be able to show their full beauty and splendor. With lighting, you need to pick the right kind of display case for particular types of jewelry and then have the appropriate amount of light for them.

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It is understandable that if you love jewelry and have the opportunity to acquire as many as you can you will end up with a lot of jewelry. This is not an excuse though for crowding the display case. Displays are supposed to provide the opportunity for you to look and admire and not to get confused. If you have too many pieces in one case, they will simply become a distraction. Finding a particular item will become a lot of work because you have to go through a lot of other pieces that may not interest you at that moment. There is also the possibility of necklaces getting entangled if they are too many in one place and this can even result in damage.

There is no reason to have all the jewelry on display, just pick out the ones you would like to draw attention to and let the others be kept somewhere else.

Not Rotating

So we have established that there is no need to put all the jewelry on display. Now some people know this but they end up making another mistake because of this knowledge that they have. When they put up particular jewelry on display, they will leave them there indefinitely. Jewels in the display case are supposed to be rotated, this gives some freshness to the display and also prevents the jewelry from gathering dust. Since jewelry has different features and appeal, it is a good idea to rotate them and let people admire the variety.

Finger Prints

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Display cases are usually covered by the glass so that you can easily see the items inside. A mistake many people make is to touch or allow people to touch the display glass and this leaves fingerprints. If fingerprints remain long on the glass, they can affect it, even when you clean them off, they still leave a slight trace that makes the glass a bit cloudy. It is best to avoid fingerprints on the display all together instead of having to clean them, but if they end up there despite your efforts, clean them off immediately with the right tools. Make sure the cloth you use is soft and will not create scratches on the glass.

Now you know the most common mistakes people are making and if you have been making them, it is time to change.


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