The top 5 crazy things you might want to buy in your lifetime

The top 5 crazy things you might want to buy in your lifetime

There are many crazy and good things that one may want to buy in their lifetime. Whether such things seem crazy or not, it is true that you may probably need the things to help you sort out a thing or two about your life. So, have you ever wanted to acquire anything that seems crazy? Well, we shall discuss some of these crazy things that you may want to buy and try. Some of these things like the urine heater are somehow quite crazy but, well, fun to try out!

Here are the top 5 crazy things you might want to buy in your lifetime:

  1. The  ‘’No Phone’’

This is quite a crazy thing to buy. There are people who are so addicted to their smartphones that they have to find a way to reduce this addiction. The ‘’No Phone’’ is a crazy invention that can help people who are addicted to their phones. This is a simulated phone that one can carry around and feel as if they are carrying a real phone with them. This is just a component that looks and feels like a smartphone but has no screen, no music, and no camera. It is a good way to do away with your smartphone addiction.

  1. Human skeletons and skulls

This is simply one of the craziest things that one can buy online. It is actually a crazy thing even to think about. Well, it is true that one can buy a real human skull and skeletons for their Halloween experience. Skulls Unlimited offers these real human skulls and skeletons and as crazy and weird as it seems, this is a reality. The fact that these items are sold ethically and legally means that one can be confident as they make the purchase.

  1. Minion Attire for adults
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Minion themed dresses are associated with kids. However, Universal Pictures has been selling adult minion inspired clothing and dresses. Well, this could sound quite crazy and weird but the truth is that most of their Minion Move and Despicable Me merchandise for adults has been literally flying off the shelves. As such, you can buy these crazy attires for adults and feel good about it.

  1. Edible mixed bugs bag

For the people who enjoy mixed nuts, they could also be interested in strange foods such as the mixed bugs. Well, it may sound crazy and strange but there are many societies where bugs are eaten as a delicacy. Well, with the mixed bugs, you can enjoy, albeit strangely, the mixed bag of bug delicacy. This is available online in most stores!

  1. A prefab home in a shipping container

It is now possible to buy a prefabricated home and have it shipped to you in a container. This sounds crazy but is one of the best ways to save you lots of time and money. You will save on broker fees as you need not find homes to buy through brokers. These homes that are made from storage or shipping containers will help one save money as they are fully fitted and furnished for the best experience.

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