Tips for Writing an Expository Essay on Drug Addiction

Tips for Writing an Expository Essay on Drug Addiction

To write an expository essay on drug addiction you need to get focused on two major points:

  • How to write a quality expository essay in general;
  • How to cover a popular theme deeper or from a different angle.

In this article we will address both issues, so you can deal with your writing assignment fast and efficiently. here is cheap writing service.

How to Write an Expository Essay

  • Explore the problem in a neutral way. You are not supposed to take a position and give arguments, you have to research, explore and get a neutral overview of the situation or aspect
  • Expository essay is one of the very few papers which can be written without crafting a thesis statement. Thesis statement here often presents a topic, nothing more.
  • Write as objectively as you can, only in the third person, without personal or just too emotionally driven examples.

How to Write the Best Essay on Drug Addiction

Don’t choose a too broad a topic. Drug addiction has many aspects, and even if your task is to just to write about this aspect, you should narrow your research and address this problem from a particular angle. For example, you can focus on a particular stage of drug addiction. Here we describe only some of them:

  1. The first stage is the stage of imitation. The first use of any drug is always accompanied by expectations of a pleasant sensation and a desire to follow. The resulting dizziness, headache is overcome to prove that you are strong enough to overcome something. Then, for the first time, a person experiences satisfaction associated with drug use and begins to use this substance no longer in order to “overcome the weakness”, not to depart from the comrades, and for the sake of the resulting effect, the so-called “buzz”. Initially, such a need is somewhat unstable, but then it is already formed as a last resort as a passion.
  2. The second stage – the strengthening of passion – the psychological dependence – is already the first degree of drug addiction. There is a desire to repeat intoxication, to see “cartoons”, to experience the feeling of joy, happiness, to be in a state of “buzz”, “to go to the nap”. In this case, people still have some interests in this world, except for drugs, but sometimes he can forget about them.
  3. The third stage is the physical dependence – the second stage of drug addiction. A person begins to feel a constant attraction to a narcotic substance. His communication with others is to a large extent reduced to the acquisition of a drug, or to deliberate or unintentional retraction of other people into his use.

If even at this stage of reading and research this topic drives you crazy, if it is simply not your cup of tea or you don’t have enough time to dig in into research, it is better to address a quality cheap essay writing service for assistance and pay attention to other assignments.

Use only the latest numbers. For example, hap attention to this World Drug Report 2018. Almost every number here is a great start for your research. You can pay attention to the fact that in 2016 87 tons of pharmacological opioids were withdrawn from illegal usage, or pay attention to drugs demand and supply. If you want to address Gender Studies as well, you can focus on the study on women and drugs, also presented in this report.

It is ok to use hype topics. For example, the latest, most hype topic related to drug addiction is the opioid crisis in the United States and in the whole world. For years opioids were prescribed to people and those people were left without monitoring. Most of the protocols related to opioids in medicine don’t take into account the problems people have when they need to stop using those legally prescribed drugs. Many patients become criminals to get another dosage, and it is not their fault initially — it should be considered as a fault of the whole medical care system. It is just one of the arguments you can develop when describing and discussing the opioid crisis.

As usual, proofread before submitting and pay attention to in-text citations made according to the required formatting style. Good luck!

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