Tips On How To Pick A Luscious Bottle Of Wine

Tips On How To Pick A Luscious Bottle Of Wine

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In dining in a restaurant aside from choosing the best food to eat, you must also consider picking the best wine that will surely complete the night. However, not all people have good taste in choosing a wine, and that is not a problem because a wine specialist in the restaurant can assist you by asking your taste preferences or the food you are going to eat.

But it is different when it is you who knows how to pick a good bottle of wine, it may be hard to master everything so let us start to know the basics of good wine. It is very subjective and complicated to catch the best wine because how it taste will depend on each taste buds. Other people prefer delicate while others are bold, sweet or tart and many more flavors that can satisfy them. Therefore for you to know what do you like, you should know first the essential characteristics of every wine.

Tip # 1. Know Each Characteristic

It is essential that you know how a good wine should be. Sweetness, acidity, tannin, body, and alcohol. These are the vital component that wine should have.  If you like to have a sweet taste of wine, look at the labels most of their bottles will tell you if it is sweet or semi-sweet. If the label says that it is “dry,” then it is not sweet. However, if you like a robust taste of wine, then you should consider its acidity.

Remember that the higher its acidity, the more it is tart. You must also consider looking at the body of wine as it will tell you how heavy or light it is. Though you can also look at the alcohol percentage of the wine the higher the alcohol, the more it will give you the warm feeling in your throat that may relax you.

Tip # 2. Read The Label And Learn More About It!

Do not be deceived by the eye-catching illustrations, beautiful fonts and nice color labels you see in a bottle of wine. Not all of those are true! Sometimes when there are a lot of choices, we seem to choose what admires us. However, choosing a good bottle of wine does not depend on how it looks so you must need to read the labels and understand what is written.

When reading the details look for the amount of information, what is the type of grapes it is made and where it was made? If the information is not familiar to you, then you can do quick research or ask a sommelier, or a certified wine specialist.

Tip # 3. Contemplate The Occasion

One of the reasons why we purchase wine is to complete the event or occasion. Therefore the taste of wine will depend on the type. Ask yourself if it is only for you to enjoy or you will be sharing it to your friends? Might you also want to pair it with a meal? Or do you want to mix it in food? The wine has a lot of purposes, and the occasion can influence you in picking a good wine. In choosing a wine consider what you want.

If you would like a taste of a wine that can please the crowd, then you must select a bottle of white or red wine. You go to those wines that are known by many like Dom Perignon wines, Matua Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Hahn Pinot Noir Monterey, Henry Of Pelham Rosé and more. When it is already known to everyone then surely they will enjoy it! But if you want to pair it with a meal, you can go to white wines for lighter dishes and for heavier dishes red wine is the best pair. If you want to mix it to a cocktail or recipes, then you can choose both as its taste and flavor are not that important anymore.

Tip # 4. Age Of The Wine

Many are saying that the older the wine, the tastier it is but if you think that way, then you might get a wrong bottle of wine. There are only a few of them that taste better when aged because each wine has different aging periods and that depends on its components like the amount of tannins, acids, and sugar.

All the wine you can purchase at the store is ready to drink; there is no need to wait a long period to get the satisfaction you want. Remember that wine should be consumed within five years but it may be different for red wines as it can last for long years so if you’re going to have the best bottle of red wine then go to the older.

Tip # 5. Don’t Let The Price Stops You To Choose A Good Bottle Of Wine

Most of us think that it is better to purchase the ones on sale, but that does not work in choosing the best bottle of wine. Remember that they are putting it on sale because it is not in season or it is being stuck in their store for a while because it is not salable. However, whatever the price is that it does not dictate the taste of the wine even if it is expensive or not. So do not let the price tell you if it is the right wine to buy. Always consider the details in the bottle and the taste that you want.


There are a lot of ways to relax like going to a party, going to resorts, eating food and other entertainments we can think of and having a glass of wine can complete it, but if you pick a wrong bottle of wine, then it can ruin your mood. So before buying it is essential to know what do you want to buy and what type of flavor you want to enjoy.

Remember that in choosing a wine you must start to the flavor then always consider its characteristics, occasion then let the price to be the least priority in buying a good bottle of wine.  You can now enjoy every sip of it!

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