5 Essential Mobile Phone Accessories Every Smartphone User Needs

5 Essential Mobile Phone Accessories Every Smartphone User Needs

There are over 2.7 billion smartphone users worldwide.

A smartphone is a work tool, a social networking device, and a source of entertainment.

Your new phone needs several accessories to give you the best experience. Read on to learn about the five mobile phone accessories you should buy.

Portable Charger

If you spend lots of time on your smartphone you will find that having enough battery life can be a challenge. Even if your battery life is good, it’s so easy to forget to charge your phone and find yourself with a low battery warning when you are out for the day.

You may be able to find a friendly café where they don’t mind you charging your phone. If you do, that’s great but it does mean staying in the café until your smartphone is charged up. You can only drink so much coffee.

A good external battery can overcome these problems. With an external battery, you can charge your phone on the go. Keep it handy and even plane flights and overnight stays are no problem.

Check reviews of external batteries as there is some variation in performance. Look for positive comments about battery life.


Earbuds or headphones make your smartphone into an effective source of music and video entertainment even if you are in a public place. Spotify, educational podcasts, and other streaming services open up the opportunity to listen at any time.

Depending on your smartphone storage you can also download music to play when you can’t get online. Earbuds also make hearing phone calls more viable even in noisy environments such as on the street. Noice canceling earphones help you work, even in a noisy café.

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The first decision you need to make is do you want wireless or wired? Wireless earbuds win on convenience. Wired earbuds win out if you are hopeless at remembering to charge the wireless ones.

Strapped for cash? Check these reviews of the best earbuds under 50 dollars. At this price point, you get the best quality and value for wired earbuds.

Phone Case

A smartphone is an expensive possession. If you use yours frequently there is every chance that you will drop it one day. Smashed screens and broken phones are the inevitable results.

Keep your smartphone in a protective case to increase its resilience. It’s also an opportunity to express your identity by choosing a case that reflects your taste and personal style.

Portable Speaker

If music plays a big part in your life then you’ll want to use your smartphone to provide music wherever you are. Sometimes earbuds are not practical. You may need to listen to other things at the same time.

Having a portable speaker allows you to listen to music without earbuds. It also means you can share your music with others. Choose a Bluetooth portable speaker to have the ultimate flexible music system.

Car Dash Mount

Taking your smartphone with you, wherever you go makes sense but you can’t operate it while you are driving. How do you get the most from your smartphone on the road?

Avoid fines and accidents by using a car dash mount. With hands-free operation, you can use your phone for directions, to take calls and to listen to music while behind the wheel.

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Mobile Phone Accessories

Get the right mobile phone accessories and you’ll get so much more from your smartphone experience. If you use your smartphone every day you’ll appreciate a longer life and more capability. Go on, take your smartphone to the next level.

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