Bluetooth Speakers, Affordable Models To Take To The Mountains

outdoor bluetooth speaker

If you are a mountain lover, surely you are always looking for accessories that are useful for making getaways as soon as you have free time. One of the options that make everything more fun is enjoying music, and for this, Bluetooth speakers are an excellent option. If you have in mind to buy one, we show you what you should always take into account when choosing one of these accessories without jeopardizing its integrity.

The resistance is a key element for going to spend a weekend in the countryside, or just make a meal outdoors, it’s not a problem to end product you buy broken. Therefore, this is essential when choosing some of the Bluetooth speakers that are a purchase option for the most adventurous. And, all the models that we have chosen at the end of this article perfectly comply with this.

Because this type of accessories already has a long history in the market, it is possible to get models that, offering good quality and protection, do not have a price that is exorbitant. In this way, the limit that we have established is 70 euros, an amount of the most consistent and that does not require an unaffordable disbursement. Obviously, all models offer the possibility of establishing Bluetooth connections, so they are comfortable when synchronizing them with sound sources, such as smartphones.

What these Bluetooth speakers should always have

To begin with, the Bluetooth version that the chosen model must have must be 4.0 or higher, so that in this way the 10 meters of distance to communicate are met in a solvent way and without usual interruptions. Also, it is not a bad idea to include other connection options, such as 3.5mm input; Memory card reader; And it’s not even a bad idea that a USB port is present. The more options, the better.

Because they are products that are going to be used almost always outside the home, autonomy is something fundamental since if this is not adequate, you will have a bad experience of use. The truth is that the battery charge is important, but what is really essential is that the time of use is long and, so that there are no problems, the minimum required is that it be reached within five hours. Less is not adequate, since if the volume is abused you can have problems quickly (and, always, we speak with a full load, of course).

Regarding the control of the reproductions, it is positive that the Bluetooth speakers we are talking about include physical control buttons, since in this way it is possible to manage everything without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket and, for therefore, it is most comfortable to pass songs simply by using them. Another thing that should not be missing is an integrated microphone since it can be used both to answer calls and to access voice assistants if desired.

waterproof bluetooth speakers
waterproof bluetooth speakers

Resistance, a key element in these accessories

Here, the first thing to check is that water resistance is included in the Bluetooth speakers. As it is logical that you do not intend to submerge the device, by offering any of the IPX options, you can rest assured that splashes or rain will not affect negatively. This is essential since, many times when going out on a getaway, you leave places where there are rivers or mountains.

Another thing to check is that the design offered by the accessory allows falls not to be a serious problem. So, that the model includes additional protections (especially on the edges) and even lines that favor shocks to be absorbed more efficiently, is something that is most positive.

Several speakers that are recommended

We leave a list with different options that are suitable for those who go out on the mountain when buying any of the Bluetooth speakers on the market that offer good resistance. The purchase is made on Amazon, so it is possible to use Prime accounts to avoid paying shipping costs.

  • AY Bluetooth
  • Sony SRS-XB12
  • Tronsmart T6 Plus
  • JBL GO 2
  • Philips Everplay
  • Motorola Sonic Sub 240
  • Andven Bluetooth
  • ABFOCE T61
  • Vieta Pro Goody
  • Zamkol Bluetooth

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