In a Motorcycle Accident? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Do

In a Motorcycle Accident? Here's 5 Things You Need to Do

People in motorcycle accidents are 28 times more likely to die than people in car accidents. Those that manage to walk away from crashes still usually sustain serious injuries that require intimidate medical care and may even require months of rehabilitation.

If ever you experience a motorcycle accident, it’s important that you know what to do in order to improve your outcome.

Below, our team outlines 5 things you should always remember in the event of a collision.

1. Get to Safety

You’ll likely be disorientated post-collision if you’ve been hit on your motorcycle. It’s imperative that you do your best to collect yourself and find your way to safety.

Many motorcycle accidents that occur on freeways are exacerbated by third-party vehicles not paying attention and hitting downed riders.

To make sure that you don’t survive your crash only to be killed by another vehicle, get up if you can and find a place to sit away from traffic.

2. Call 911

Chances are someone will call 911 for you when you’re in an accident. If nobody is assisting you after your crash, don’t leave getting help to chance.

Pull out your phone and call 911. Be prepared to describe your location and stay on the line with the operator until help shows up.

If you’re gravely injured, follow the instructions of paramedics and go to the hospital immediately. If you’re going to be able to walk away from the accident, get checked over and ask where you can obtain a report of the EMT’s findings.

3. Give Your Assessment of the Situation to Police

The sooner you can give police your side of the story, the better. If you’re in the condition to do so, let the officer on the scene know exactly what happened that led to the accident.

Other involved parties may have different accounts. It’s important that you don’t shout or start arguing over details.

Police should be able to suss out the truth and insurance investigators will take matters from there.

4. Collect Witness Accounts

In many accident cases, what happens comes down to “he said vs. she said”. In order to break a stalemate, it’s important that you note any witnesses at the scene.

Witnesses may be unwilling to talk for fear of misrepresenting events or because they don’t want to be called on in a legal case. Still, it’s worth asking around to see if anybody would be willing to give their contact information.

5. Contact an Accident Lawyer

To make sure that injuries you sustain from an accident don’t cause you financial hardship you can’t afford, contact an accident lawyer that specializes in motorcycle law.

You’ll be glad you did.

Wrapping Up Things You Need to Do If You’re in a Motorcycle Accident

It’s hard to think on your feet when you’ve been in a motorcycle accident. To make sure that you’re able to operate as efficiently as possible in the midst of adversity, commit to memory the 5 tips above and follow them to a T.

If you do, your odds of recovering from your traumatic event will go up substantially.

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