Getting Ready To Ride? Must Have Motorcycle Apparel for 2018

Getting Ready To Ride? Must Have Motorcycle Apparel for 2018

Every motorcyclist looks forward to the summer season. It’s that time of year when you can open up the garage, pull out your bike, and finally get going again on the road, on the trail, or anywhere you find yourself riding. But, there are two things that are on every rider’s mind as the season starts up again: safety and comfort.

Why You Need The Right Apparel

Motorcycle apparel does more than make you look cool, it is designed to help protect you from the road and everything that comes along with it. If you are an off road rider, the right apparel will help keep you from getting scraped up should you be met with stray branches or gravel on the trail, or if you happen to take a fall. On the road, having the right apparel is perhaps even more important, yet many riders forego it.

Riding Off Road?

Appropriate off-road apparel is an essential part of every rider’s wardrobe, regardless of whether you’re an avid dirt biker or just an occasional explorer. Without the right gear, you can easily find yourself blinded by dirt in your eyes–and perhaps something much worse. In addition to goggles and a helmet, you need to wear basic armor, including tall boots design to support your ankles and then a jacket equipped with elbow guards.

If you ride competitively or find yourself pulling stunts on the trail, you absolutely need to wear extra armor too, which includes armor covering your back, front, and knees. Some even take it a step further, wearing neck protection to prevent a serious, potentially life threatening accident.

Riding On The Road?

If you find yourself traveling on pavement, wearing the right apparel is just as important, if not more so. Not only are you going faster while traveling on the road, you’re now riding a heavier bike with a bigger engine and, to top it all off, you’ll fall right on to the hard and rough pavement in the event of a crash.

To keep yourself safe, motorcycle riding jackets are typically designed to be made of a thick durable material, most often leather. While this design can weigh you down during the hot summer months, you’d be thankful if you were to ever get into an accident. Of course, many manufacturers today are working on using lighter yet still durable materials and incorporating things like venting and removable liners to help keep you comfortable, since comfort is the second most important thing on any rider’s list.

In addition to your jacket, you should also wear a DOT approved helmet at all times, riding gloves, riding boots, and even riding pants. If you were to have an accident, these thick and protective clothing items would help save you from road rash and even help protect you from the impact. That makes them absolutely essential to wear anytime you’re out riding.

Shop Discounts

Now, one thing that stops many riders from wearing the appropriate apparel is the sheer cost of acquiring it. Luckily, money doesn’t have to stop you from riding with the right clothing on. There are many discounts you can find online, including everything from cheap alpinestars jackets to affordable gloves, helmets, and more.

When shopping for discounts, it’s best to first look for branded clothing so that you can trust the make and quality. When branded clothing is too expensive, that’s when you can begin to go off-brand, but be sure to read reviews. And, you should always try to buy from a well-known manufacturer when picking the essentials, like a DOT approved helmet, because they aren’t all created equal.

If you want to save some money, try to buy a brand name for your helmet and jacket and then go off brand for your gloves and other accessories. Generally, this tactic allows you to outfit yourself in a complete suit of protective gear without breaking the bank. And, when shopping, you should be sure to use discount codes whenever possible. Check online coupon sites for online and in-store discount codes before you buy anything.

You can also look for rebates when buying branded clothing as many companies offer them. For instance, if you buy branded apparel like Fox Racing you can sometimes get online and find rebates for money back on items you buy. This rebate will generally come direct from the brand/manufacturer, which means you can buy the item from any authorized dealer even if the dealer isn’t advertising the promotion.

Rebates, coupons, and discounts/sales are a fantastic way to outfit yourself in the apparel you need and, ultimately, keep yourself comfortable and safe while you’re out on your next adventure.

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