Hit By a Bus? Here’s What You Need to Know About Bus Accident Lawsuits

Hit By a Bus? Here's What You Need to Know About Bus Accident Lawsuits

Did you know that around 6000 Americans died on U.S. roads in 2017?

Want to know what to do in the case of a bus accident? Not to worry! We’re going to go through what you need to know if this ever happens. Let’s look at some lawsuit tips.

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What to Do After a Bus Accident

Traffic accidents are low-speed fender benders to massive collisions. Everything from whiplash to broken bones can happen. Without seat belts on a bus, it can become catastrophic.

Injury Claims for Bus Accidents

If you’re negotiating a personal injury settlement, the procedure is straightforward. For bus accidents, crashes occur by either the driver of another vehicle or the bus driver.

If you’re a passenger, you can make a third-party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurer. You can seek compensation for losses like lost income or medical expenses.

It’s complicated when the bus driver is at fault. Buses are often owned by government entities, like school districts.

Filing an injury claim with a government body is difficult. You need to file a notice of claim with the government entity that’s liable for the bus accident. File your documentation right away.

Filing a Notice of Claim

The procedure differs depending on where you live. It must include a statement of the claimant’s intent to ask for compensation for injuries. You need a description of the place, time, and cause of the bus accident.

You’ll need to note what you lost in the accident. Describe your injuries and damages to personal property.

Every state has their own time limit for filing an injury claim. Find out when you need to submit yours.

The government has the option to reject or accept the application. If the government does deny the claim, the injured person can file a lawsuit in court.

Claim filing rules are essential. If you miss the deadline, you might lose your right to file a lawsuit! Talk to a personal injury attorney to find out more about the time limits.

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Liability for a Bus Accident

To find out the cause of a bus accident, a special investigation is often needed. There are many reasons why a bus accident can occur.

For example, the driver driving fatigued could make a faulty judgment. If a driver is under the influence of intoxicants, their reflexes aren’t as quick. If the bus isn’t loaded well or maintained, this could also cause an accident.

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Want to Learn More?

We hope this article on what to do if you’re in a bus accident was helpful. Remember, find out when your state requires the documentation for the accident. Consider hiring an attorney.

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