Amazing Costco Membership Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Amazing Costco Membership Benefits You Didn't Know About

Discounts are always a welcome event – no matter how good or bad the overall economy is. This is true whether you’re a family of one, a couple, or have several Xerox copies of yourself and your significant other running around the household. In fact, it’s one of the major reasons why the discount superstore Costco has found such a loyal following; once you become a member, you will likely only buy food in bulk again – the savings are that significant.

In the following, you’ll become familiar with some of the Costco member-benefits that may not be as well publicized in your area – they are reasons enough to finally pull the trigger and become a member.

  1. Health Screenings – All Free

One of the best benefits that Costco membership offers are free health screenings – which is especially useful if you’ve been considering a new medical insurance plan and can’t decide on the best one for your needs. A free health scan facilitates this decision; whether it’s for your new small business or for your personal health of you and your children.

  1. Medical Insurance Offers

Related to the first major benefit above, you may not need to shop for medical insurance anywhere else – Costco has a range of plans via their pharmacy department. The most common diseases and ailments in the United States are heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis (the latter mostly among women). Getting a health screen first will make finding an adequate medical insurance policy much easier – and you can do both at Costco (as a member).

  1. Have a Celebration – Birthday Cakes at Reduced Prices

If you’ve ever been to Costco before, you know that they have a considerable section of the store dedicated to the bakery. The prices here are simply exquisite for members; you can get top-notch birthday cakes at rock-bottom prices without a compromise in quality.

  1. Eyewear for Less at Costco
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Another benefit of Costco membership are the discounted prices on glasses – especially for group plans if you have a family. Even for a single person or couple, there are so-called multi-packages that reduce the cost of replacement glasses for the seemingly inevitable misplaced spectacles.

  1. Printing Woes? Consider Refills on Ink Cartridges

Nearly everyone with a computer has experienced depleted ink cartridges at the worst times – it’s pretty much par for the course when you own a printer. Costco has a magnificent inkjet cartridge refill offer for members; you can save up to 70% by just bringing the empty cartridge into your nearby store. Reusing them is even better than recycling them – for both your wallet and the environment.

  1. Reduced Prescription Medicine Prices

Almost everyone in the West has need of prescription drugs every once in a awhile; when you compare the cost of them at a multitude of locations, Costco objectively comes out on top with the lowest prices. Specifically, the Costco pharmacy benefits from economies of scale for these reduced prices. Check them out next time you need medicine – Walgreens is also competitive.

  1. Everyday Low Grocery Prices

There are, specifically, some items at Costco on which you can save a bundle – even if you don’t purchase them in bulk. Almost everything else, you save by buying them in quantity. Some regular items such as cheese and peanut butter last a while (more so the latter) and buying in bulk saves you loads of cash. It helps to make a list of what you and your family has eaten in the past few years to gauge whether a bulk purchase makes economic sense.

  1. Gift-Shopping at Low Prices
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One of the gems of Costco membership is the gift set; you won’t easily find this at too many other stores. Costco organizers will put together items that are usually sold separately, and the price for the set will tend to be a lot lower in gift-set form. Specifically, make sure you visit the housewares and beauty sections to find these hidden gems. You’ll find many of the things separately at successful stores like Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy.

  1. A Night at the Movies

How many movies do you go to each month? If more than one, then Costco has some excellent prices that beat out your local theater. You can save around 25% by buying your movie tickets and gift cards at the superstore.

  1. Vaccinations at Reduce Prices

With the flu epidemic (virtually) a few years ago, vaccinations are more important than ever for the very young and the very old. Even those in the noonday of youth can benefit from low-cost vaccinations at Costco – especially if your medical insurance plan doesn’t offer them. Costco membership benefits are hard to beat!

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