Beach holidays to take this winter

Beach holidays to take this winter

Already looking at beach holidays for the upcoming winter season? If you are determined to beat the crowds to the best bookings, taking a look at these nations will yield you the best holiday experience for your hard-earned dollar.

1) Aruba

Looking for a beach destination that won’t rain on your parade? If you are travelling from the United States or Canada, Aruba is one of your best options.

Unlike many islands in the Caribbean, Aruba has a semi-arid climate, meaning that rainfall falls only sporadically throughout the year. This means you’re almost guaranteed to see the sun for the majority of your holiday (if not all of it).

When you aren’t lying on the beach, there’s plenty of other things to go this isle. Start by walking the streets of Oranjestad, Aruba’s colourful capital city. With plenty of shopping to enjoy and tonnes of photographic opportunities everywhere you look, the day you spend wandering around this town will be an eventful one.

There are plenty of natural attractions to explore as well, with Arikok National Park (cave paintings, lizards, etc) and plenty of diveable reefs being found offshore.

After a busy day spent living life to the max, though, you find find yourself opting for a quiet night in. However, this doesn’t mean you have to forego excitement as a result of your decision – there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself online.

In our opinion, online gaming sites count among the best, as not only will it provide thrills and excitement during your experience, you may actually end up making money before the night is through.

Better yet, many of these online casinos accept cryptocurrency. This will allow the chance to multiply your stash of this valuable asset before its value takes off for the moon.

No matter whether your game is roulette or blackjack, there’s a site out there that’s right for you. More opportunities can be found here to find excitement on the web, so check out the link and see what you can find.

2) Costa Rica

Want to mix in activities other than baking under the sun into your winter holiday? If so, Costa Rica is a destination worth checking out. Fans of Caribbean-style beaches will love what they find near Puerto Viejo on the north coast, while those who want to pick up surfing on their vacation will find many beaches along the Pacific coast of Guanacaste Province to be ideal.

When you aren’t chilling on the beach, head inland to Monteverde or down to Manuel Antonio National Park. Both of these destinations are renowned for their biodiversity, making it a potential highlight for outdoor enthusiasts.

3) Cape Verde

Where? We don’t blame you for having never heard of this archipelago off the coast of Western Africa. While two of its islands boast perfect white sand which bake under an equatorial and semi-arid sun, Cape Verde isn’t really all that crowded at all.

Why? Its proximity to Africa scares off some travellers, while the Canary Islands further to the north soak up all the attention it would otherwise get. Check out this place before its secret gets out.

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