Job Application: Millennials Versus Gen X

Job Application: Millennials Versus Gen X

As new values and beliefs are slowly emerging in the workplace, we can only point it out to one cause — the millennial.

It’s not a bad thing, too. We’re all sure the remaining Gen-X would love to collaborate with the new batch, but as two different age groups meet in the workforce, the contrasting sides have never been more prominent to employers and employees.

Yet, how exactly these two differ?

Finding Job Leads

According to a recent study from Pew Research Center, Millennials formed nearly one-third of the working population now.

All of these millennials now mostly rely on searching for job leads on the Internet. Now, to perform a more successful hiring process, employers do their search mostly on online job boards. Especially if they are aiming for a younger workforce, online outreach is the best way to go.

Social media and job boards redefine the way of the hiring process. There are instances that people get jobs through online process. A quick call or teleconference, sometimes, do the trick. A study conducted by Glassdoor proved this as they found out that 45 percent of job seekers say that they use their cellphones to search for jobs at least once a day.

While some Gen X hopefuls also use online job sites, there is still the underlying norm of face-to-face job hunting. This generation has witnessed the rise of the technology, but their career timeline still falls in the traditional hiring process. With this, Gen-X is more familiar in this way.

The value of career

According to a research by the Pew Center, most millennials nowadays treasure the balance of personal life and career. They rather have equal satisfaction in all aspects of life. They are on the mission of finding meaningful and satisfying life outside of work, but this is not to say they trivialize the importance of a career.

While with Gen-X, this generation is more prone to sacrificing the quality of life for a more successful career, but why? This group was raised in the time when the mindset was that work was the most important among thing among others. They were influenced to get diplomas, to have decent 9-5 jobs and to climb the corporate ladder. All of these preexisting ideas were passed on and made the Gen-X more indulgent in pursuing any career, regardless of values and beliefs.

Meaningful work as their individual effort for change

The young folks with their overflowing values and beliefs also choose to achieve an individualistic impact through their work. While they are proactively seeking for a larger paycheck, they also want their agendas to be incorporated into their career.

There are many socially accountable companies now that are active in running their campaigns. One of these is the global retail company, Walmart. They have “The Walmart Foundation” that donates millions of money to charitable organizations. If you’re looking for companies that have concerns for the society, find out more about career opportunities at Walmart. You can check their job application guide for more detailed information..

One way with this is finding a company that undertakes corporate responsibilities that are aligned with their beliefs. According to a study by Horizon Media’s Finger on the Pulse, 81 percent of the millennials expect companies to have a commitment to good corporate citizenship.

However, this is not to say that Gen-X do not aim for making their impact. Millennials are just more outspoken with their campaigns.

Final thoughts

While these two groups have different environments and mindsets, their commitment and urgency in applying for jobs are both prevalent. With the advent of technology and ideologies, we can only expect more changes to come in the hiring process.

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