Lung Check: Looking Back at Vaporizers and How Vaping Is Still Better Than Smoking

Lung Check: Looking Back at Vaporizers and How Vaping Is Still Better Than Smoking

Vaping vs smoking is still an ongoing topic today. While it is a fact that vaping is healthier and better than smoking, looking back at vaporizers still give some people doubts and concerns when using these vaping devices. We will wipe your worries away so just read through this article and gain insights into the past, present, and future of vaping!

In the Beginning of the Vape World

The Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik was credited because of his great contribution to vaping as we all know and enjoy today. The first e-cigs he invented is similar to a traditional cigarette. It has a white body with brown tip portion where the filter is located. He created the amazing electronic cigar version in 2003, which is what we now know as a vape pen due to its pen-like appearance. The spread of his invention to the United States and the United Kingdom took a few more years. Vaping made a mark on the western world in 2007. There were major modifications to the vaping technology, particularly e-cigarettes in 2010, promising delivery of smoke-free nicotine to users. It was just in 2014, that the vaping concept was formally acknowledged and the term and definition were listed in the dictionary.

The profitability and popularity of vapes or vaporizers exploded over the last few years with different companies producing and modifying the features, specifications, and aesthetic design of their vaping devices. Mods, atomizers, and e-liquids have different options, looks, and flavors. E-juices have varying nicotine strengths too, and there are those with zero-nicotine level for those non-smokers who want to enjoy vaping as one of their favorite past times.

Vaping vs Smoking: Which is Better?

  1. Smoking is a tradition

We cannot discount the fact that smoking has been part of the human existence from the very beginning. Smoking tobacco and weed became a part of religious ceremonies and rituals. Kings and warriors smoked to relieve pain and reduce stress from battles and regarded it as a great past time. It is a natural way of combusting dried leaves for pure enjoyment!

Today, vaping is now becoming a tradition for modern-day people. Everything has a beginning and an end. The time has come for the world of vaping! More and more people are embracing the role of vapes in modern society. It is the latest trend and will continue to upgrade over time. This new tradition is striking fast on different countries around the world as evidenced by the proliferation of online shops and websites offering vape products and information.

  1. Smoking is a real danger to health
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As the government warning usually advise, smoking is not at all good for everyone’s health. This is the very reason why vapes were discovered and invented. There is a need to eliminate the bad habit. When vaporizers and vape pens came in, these were perceived as real answers to the longtime desire of people to change and become healthier without giving up the habit.

Vaping is healthier than smoking because it does not process combustion, only producing vapor. It means that the toxic chemicals one normally gets from smoking are completely avoided. E-liquids only have 4 ingredients including vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol, and these are used as food ingredients too. You can choose from nicotine or nicotine-free e-juices. On the other hand, vaping is smoke-free while cigarette smoking emits thousands of harmful chemicals that are bad for your health.

  1. Vaping is best for cannabis consumption

Whether you’re a recreational or medical cannabis user, vaping is the best method of taking your favorite herb. This is the most preferred method by patients who want to benefit from cannabis. Marijuana is gradually being decriminalized and legalized in different parts of the world. The future of cannabis is bright, helping patients find an effective treatment to the signs and symptoms they are experiencing from their medical condition such as pain, nausea and vomiting, seizure, anxiety, loss of appetite, and others.

Gone are the days when people need to roll a joint and see awkward and judging looks from other people’s faces. With vaping, recreational and medical cannabis users can be discreet in taking a dose of cannabis because vapes are generally accepted as smartphones and tablets. Automatic sensors like temperature control and heat settings, along with the smoke-free environment, make vaping more favorable for most users.

  1. Smoking is a fire hazard
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The wrong lighting and disposing of cigarettes can lead to fire incidents. Of course, vaporizers and vape pens are electronic devices, and they can also cause a fire when used incorrectly. However, the percentage is far lower than smoking because innovations have improved the features of vaping devices like automatic shut-off system once the device reached its maximum heating temperature, and batteries are now manufactured to avoid explosion accidents or leaks that are dangerous to health.

  1. Vaping is cool! No more stank smell

No more mess. Vaping is the newest trend and it will always be, which replaces smoking really fast. Vapes are becoming more affordable because of tight competition, so vaping vs smoking won’t be a huge topic in the future. Instead, the new topic is all about vape brands. Rappers, dancers, and even singers patronize vaping as compared to smoking like what Drake and other famous celebrities do. Vape tickers, like Austin Lawrence or The Vape God even make vaping cool for the masses, reducing negative perception and educating people about vaping.

Revealing the Future of Vaping

The extensive market research and development that vape companies are continuously doing clearly define the boundaries of vaping vs smoking and the refinement of smoke-free vaporizers prove that these are healthier and more acceptable than smoking tobacco or weed. This is particularly true among medical cannabis users. For one thing, vapes will be considered as medical tools to administer herbs as an alternative to traditional medicine.

In the next ten years, the revenue of e-cig and vaporizers will surpass the profits of traditional tobacco. Vaping devices are becoming increasingly more advanced or high-tech, thus proving this forecast to be true. Complaints about spills, leaks, and fiddly bits are continuously being addressed through innovation such as modern sensors, no assembly, and disassembly, as well as a smoke-free environment for non-smokers around.

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