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Online slots, eh? Who would have thought that anything could break the seemingly unbreakable grip on the gambling world that table games such as Poker or Roulette had. Even in the 20th Century, where slot halls were present in pretty much every casino you could go too, the traditional table games were still more popular, not letting anything knock them off their perch – find out more today.

But then along came online slots, a development that completely changed the face of the entire gambling world. Very quickly these things overtook all other modes of gambling, to become the bona fide main gambling avenue in the entire world. Is there any surprise? Online slots are so much more practical to play than Poker or Roulette, as you can spin the reels from pretty much anywhere. One thing that some gambler’s lament, however, is the fact that there is way less skill involved when trying to win at slots in comparison to something like poker. But here are some kinds of slots that do require specific skills…

Bonus feature slots

Nowadays it is fairly rare to find an online slot that doesn’t have any bonus features whatsoever, unless of course you are predominantly playing slots from the vintage market. This is because bonus features are a great way to attract players to play a specific title – they are simultaneously great fun, and can hold a huge amount of win potential too. That’s right, if you want to win big on the majority of online slots in the 21st Century you are going to have to pay special attention to the bonus rounds, there is just no getting around this.

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Many bonus rounds are largely random, but there are also many in which the gambler has to do things correctly in order to get the biggest prize. This is where slot gambling skill comes in, if you are skilled enough you stand to make a lot more money than somebody who isn’t. The best way to do so is to make sure you have researched the slot you are playing as much as possible, and maybe even give it a few spins in free mode too.

Cluster pay slots

In recent years developers such as NetEnt have been trying to innovate on the classic mechanics of online slots, and one of the things they have come up with is the cluster pay method. This is where winning combinations can be made in clusters instead of paylines, a bit like in games like Candy Crush.

Now, this is an exciting step forward for the online slot world, as it makes the games a lot more interesting. Cluster pay slots also require a lot more skill than the regular ones, because you have to be fully aware of clusters that are on the way to becoming winning ones.

Progressive jackpot slots

No matter how often you hear this, it is important to remember that progressive jackpot slots aren’t in fact completely random. If you are skilled enough you can get quite good at guessing which machine is going to pay out next.

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