DWI Albany NY: Reasons to Hire a DWI Lawyer When Under Arrest

DWI Lawyer

No matter how skilled a driver you are, you should never get behind the steering wheel if you have drugs or alcohol in your system. You may not even notice it, but your motor skills are always impaired when you are intoxicated. 

In case you cause an accident or get caught driving under the influence, you should get in touch with a DWI lawyer the first chance you get. Here are some of the main reasons why you need an attorney when you’re charged with a DUI.

DWI Laws Are More Complex Than You Think

The most important reason why you should have a lawyer by your side when you’re fighting a DWI charge is because these laws are extremely complex. Not only that, but they’re constantly changing a well. Unless you’ve been in this type of situation before, you’ll most likely get confused when you try to understand DUI laws.

A few things that you need to know is that you will have to pay a fine, lose your license temporarily, and might even go to jail. All of this can happen to you even if this is your first offense. In order to avoid consequences that will have an enormous impact on your life, you should get in contact with a DWI Albany NY attorney here.

Not Having a Lawyer Might Be Expensive

A lot of people think that hiring a lawyer is too expensive. However, without proper legal representation, you’ll likely have to spend a ton of money on fines. In other words, hiring an attorney is without a doubt the cheaper option when you’re charged with a DWI.

Even if you are certain you don’t need a lawyer, you should at least go to a consultation. In most cases, consultations are free. Nevertheless, they will be of great value to you since you’ll understand more about your case.

Keep in mind that the main reason lawyers are expensive is because it’s hard to become one. It takes years of studying to gather knowledge and develop expertise that can help a client get out of a bad situation. When you’re facing hefty fines and possible jail time, you need someone skilled enough to develop a strategy that will help you avoid serious charges.

Public Defenders Are Very Busy

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Unfortunately, almost every public defender has a full plate at any given time. They’re not bad at what they do, but simply don’t have enough time to be fully invested in your case. In order to face minimal consequences, you will need someone on your side who’ll put in the hours to develop an effective strategy for convincing the judge to let you off the hook.

Furthermore, you shouldn’t leave anything up to chance, including hiring a lawyer. If you don’t hire an attorney, a random public defender will be assigned to you. Although this may work out great for you, it most likely won’t. The only way to ensure that you’ll handle your situation properly is if you consult different lawyers and choose the one who is the perfect fit for your case.

Your Future Is at Stake

This is the primary reason why you should never get behind the steering wheel if you are intoxicated. Making this mistake may completely change your life for the worse. Driving under the influence is often considered a misdemeanor for first-time offenders, but it can also be charged as a felony crime.

Keep in mind that having a felony or misdemeanor on your record can negatively affect your chances of getting a house or job that you want. Not to mention that you will temporarily lose your driver’s license, which will completely disrupt your daily routine.

DWI Albany NY Lawyers Have Excellent Negotiating Skills


By having good legal representation on your side, you’ll probably be able to get off with a lighter sentence. Just because you’re currently facing scary charges doesn’t mean your situation will play out like that in the end.

Keep in mind that DWI Albany NY lawyers have excellent negotiating skills, which may help you get a lesser charge, like reckless driving. This will have a huge impact not only on the fines you’ll have to pay, but other consequences like possible jail time and the duration of which your license will be suspended.

Bottom Line

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Getting a DWI charge can lead to some serious consequences, even if it’s your first offense. Unfortunately, most people who drive under the influence take their situation lightly when they get caught. However, know that you may easily end up in jail if you were driving while intoxicated if you don’t have good legal representation by your side.

Since it is extremely hard to properly understand DWI laws, you shouldn’t think twice about getting in touch with an attorney as soon as you get charged.


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